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US Business Leadership Network Conference Orlando, Florida October 2012 Karen Stang Placement Manager.

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1 US Business Leadership Network Conference Orlando, Florida October 2012 Karen Stang Placement Manager

2 Northrop Grumman Today Leading global security company 75,000 people, 50 states, 25 countries Comprised of four business sectors providing leading capabilities in: – C 4 ISR and battle management – Cybersecurity – Defense electronics – Homeland Security – Information technology and networks – Logistics – Space and missile defense – Systems integration – Unmanned Systems Focus on Performance 2

3 Our History Started by one employee in 2005 in the Mission Systems Sector but later became an enterprise-wide initiative Created to provide career transition assistance for “severely injured” former military personnel Launched Network of Champions (NoC) in 2009 after other companies expressed the desire to start similar programs Recognized by the Departments of Defense, Labor and Veterans Affairs as a leading program for “wounded warrior” recruitment and assistance Our Team Dedicated team comprised of: Program Manager provides strategic direction and focuses on maximizing program efficiency and ROI Placement Manager enrolls candidates and oversees the candidate management process Outreach Ambassador creates awareness about the program and actively recruits NoC member companies Health Services Manager oversees the accommodations process across the enterprise Sector Leads promote hiring and support recruitment activities in their sectors Our Approach Candidates are recruited from various sources, including career fairs, the NGC website and a variety of referrals Once enrolled, candidates are actively marketed internally and throughout the NoC to broaden prospective job opportunities The OI team maintains the connection with candidates post hire to ensure a smooth transition and provide on-going coaching and career guidance Our Network OI has developed strong relationships with the VA, DOD, DOL, various wounded warrior programs and other organizations who support wounded warriors The NoC, led by NG, is comprised of nearly 100 employers and resources committed to provide similar assistance to OI candidates Meet bi-monthly to share best practices relevant to wounded warrior transition With candidate’s permission, share resume with NoC employers to provide a wider base of opportunity for candidate Program Overview 3 Operation IMPACT (Injured Military Pursuing Assisted Career Transition)

4 Primary Recruitment & Placement Challenges Where to find candidates Matching candidate’s skills with our positions Ensuring reasonable accommodations are reviewed and provided in a timely manner Ensuring our managers are educated with regard to hiring people with disabilities Ensuring our hires are assimilated into our culture 4

5 Program Activities to Produce Successful Outcome—Finding Candidates 5

6 Program Activities to Produce Successful Outcome—Matching Skills with Business Needs Utilize Military Occupational Specialty/Code translators Work closely with Vocational Rehabilitation and/or Employment Counselors Educate our recruiters on military occupational codes and how those positions fit into business Partner with other companies and organizations who share same commitment to assist in placement 6

7 Program Activities to Produce Successful Outcome—Ensure Workplace Productivity Tools are Provided Northrop Grumman provides trained occupational health nurses to conduct a review workplace productivity tools based on specific disabilities Once an offer of employment is accepted, the nurse contacts the candidate to discuss: –Their specific disability, –The duties of the position they accepted, and –The work environment in order to assess appropriate accommodations that would help the individual succeed The nurse works with the hiring manager to ensure recommendations available in a timely manner 7

8 The nurse follows up with employee on a regular basis and is always there to address any concerns the employee has regarding his/her disability All medical information remains confidential between the employee and the nurse 8 Program Activities to Produce Successful Outcome—Ensure Workplace Productivity Tools are Provided (continued)

9 Program Activities to Produce Successful Outcome—Ensure Manager are Educated in Interviewing and Hiring People With Disabilities Northrop Grumman has developed and implemented a disability awareness training program that is accessible to all employees, including managers A recruiting and placement checklist has been developed for hiring managers when working to place an Operation IMPACT candidate that includes information on interviewing candidates with disabilities, preparing the work teams, and making reasonable accommodations 9

10 Program Activities to Produce Successful Outcome— Assimilating the Wounded Warrior into Northrop Grumman Culture Focus groups conducted in 2011 indicated that assimilation into corporate culture was the #1 issue of transitioning service members Northrop Grumman has implemented a Sponsor program to provide a resource to the new hire that is not his/her direct supervisor but someone who can assist with transitioning to corporate culture A formal assimilation training addressing cultural differences is being developed that will be part of the new hire’s on boarding process Additional cultural awareness is currently in development, with intent to work with military services to supplement information provided to transitioning service members attending transition programs such as TAP, DTAP, etc. 10

11 Program Outcome Over 125 severely injured service members or family members employed within Northrop Grumman and among our Network of Champion Companies Centralized accommodations process Frequent engagement with internal employee resource groups Strong working relationships with DOD, VA, and other organizations to support recruitment Promote educational internally on cultural differences between military and private sector Network of Champions now comprised of >100 partner organizations


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