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1 PROFESSIONAL ADAPTABLE INDISPENSABLE INVENTIVE CREATIVE Engineering the Future: working together to enhance understanding, commitment and participation in engineering Engineering is very real and exposes pupils to complex and exciting problems that challenge and inspire them. There is opportunity for them to both develop skills and express and stretch themselves in a team situation. Solving an engineering task allows pupils to use knowledge gained in Science and Technology, to engage with real situations and put their learning in context. There are tremendous opportunities for fulfilling careers in Engineering and a glimpse of the possibilities can help pupils begin to consider this as an option for themselves. Scotland needs engineers and a public with an understanding of their importance to a modern competitive economy. Pimp My Trolley This is a SSERC activity that has been adapted to put students into a competitive design group with an engineering problem to solve. Can you design the best crumple zone for a car? This forms a part of the Standard Grade Physics syllabus where pupils consider safety equipment for cars in the Transport section. Pupils design, build, test and compete with other groups to deliver a design brief in limited time. Teamwork, choice of materials and inspiration are all important for success. Testing the final product objectively with modern wireless technology emphasises the place of modern equipment in engineering solutions. Bat Monitoring Pupils are presented with a problem that is expressed by a biologist and then solved by the application of engineering technology. In order to study, understand and protect Scottish bats it would help if we could hear them. How can we hear what is hidden from us? How can we extend our senses? This activity reinforces important Physics principles concerning sound, frequency and reflection for younger secondary pupils. It is extendable for local circumstances, teacher expertise and outside agency involvement. It is a hands on activity that uses the pupils local environment. The activity allows pupils to go on and use the equipment that has been developed to explore the bat population in their local area, to see the cross sector nature of the work of engineers and to see the place of engineering in problem solving. The style of the activity is in tune with Curriculum for Excellence and there is scope for collaboration across school departments. It can be a small group activity or a whole terms project depending on circumstances. A future development is planned to use affordable GPS technology to map the distribution of contact with bats in the pupils home environment. Why Engineering? Pupils are motivated by the thought of, making a difference, and solving real problems. Keeping work relevant by exposing them to current work and technology gets them thinking. Building a team, recreating a design brief, giving a challenging timescale and allowing pupils to present their findings, all allow pupils to engage with the materials. Skills developed Thinking, applying knowledge, creativity, innovation, design, problem-solving, collaboration, working to a remit and deadline… Successful learners: Part of a successful team effort. Enhancing the curriculum Confident individuals: Presenting winning solutions to complex problems. Responsible citizens: Considering the environment and personal safety. Effective contributors: Lots of opportunity to be involved, from team member to presenter. Curriculum for Excellence Bat Monitoring:SCN 2-11a Through research on how animals communicate, I can explain how sound vibrations are carried by waves through air, water and other media. SCN 2-20I have collaborated with others to find and present information on how scientists from Scotland and beyond have contributed to innovative research and development. TCH 2-01When exploring technologies in the world around me, I can use what I learn to help to design or improve my ideas or products. Pimp My trolley:SCN 4-07b By making accurate measurements of speed and acceleration, I can relate the motion of an object to the forces acting on it and apply this knowledge to transport safety. Engineering the Future aims to develop a sustainable model of activities that enhance the learning experiences of pupils, develops their knowledge and understanding of contemporary engineering and smoothes the transition into engineering from school to university. Balfron High School University Partnership Roy Pearson 1, Gareth Pierce 2, Craig Michie 2 and Martin Judd 2. 1.Balfron High School, Stirling Council, Scotland. 2.Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Description of engineering experience Motivation, engagement and pupil response Skills developed, links to Curriculum for Excellence and the four capacities It was fun today – the seeing and hearing and doing made it fun.

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