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1 PROFESSIONAL ADAPTABLE INDISPENSABLE INVENTIVE CREATIVE Engineering the Future: working together to enhance understanding, commitment and participation in engineering Dollar Academy Partnership The idea for this project arose from consideration of opportunities to try to increase the numbers of good quality students taking Engineering courses at University. In addition to this, taking an engineering approach enabled us to bring alive the teaching of energy concepts at S3/S4 level. At Dollar Academy we had the opportunity to compress Physics, Technological Studies and Economics into six hours per week instead of the normal nine hours usually allotted for these courses. Linking these subjects together provided an opportunity to emphasise engineering at many stages and helped pupils to see cross- curricular links between the three subjects. By taking an engineering approach, pupils were able to gain awareness of how engineers use their understanding of physics and technology to make decisions and solve real life problems. I need water! This activity was developed as a cross-curricular project between Physics and Technology in S2 and will be trialled in school next year. Pupils will develop a moisture sensing device in Technology that is designed to sit within a plant pot. This will then use wireless technology to text a message to a phone to alert the owner of the plant that they need to water it. Pupils will develop their understanding of the science through their Physics lessons and learn how this science can be applied to solve a problem and turned into an engineering product in Technology. The Sunll come out, tomorrow! The aim of this activity was to give pupils the opportunity to explore the practical uses of solar energy and related technologies, within an engineering environment. The pupils conducted initial experiments that helped them to understand how solar cells operate. Following this, they planned an investigation to explore additional factors that could affect the effectiveness of solar cells. Their investigations and background research enabled them to produce a report/presentation that made recommendations regarding the use of solar cell technology in a school environment. They worked as a team to: plan and conduct experiments record and analyse data suggest possible ways of overcoming the limitations of the technology present their proposals to a group of people. In Technological Studies a similar investigation was carried out, but focusing on wind power rather than solar power. In Economics the pupils considered the cost implications of both options of wind and solar power and decided which would be a more viable option for a school budget. Why Engineering? The links that pupils were able to see between Physics, Technological Studies and Economics developed their understanding of engineering as a career and possible university degree choice. We have seen very good retention of these pupils from S4 Intermediate 2 into Higher – reflecting the satisfaction and enjoyment that the pupils gained from these courses. A lot of work – challenging but youve accomplished something it clicks and you remember it. Theres a need to understand what it really is – not a stereotype – and not just for boys, and that it pays well. Its not just the guy that fixes the washing machine, its always developing, changing and society needs engineers. Engineers all create things. Invent things to make life easier. Its the way to the future Skills developed Successful learners: The pupils became a cohesive group who were motivated to achieve the best results that they could. They learnt to apply learning from different subject areas in new situations and other lessons. In managing three subjects in a reduced time allocation, pupils developed improved time management skills and a responsibility for their own learning. Confident individuals: Pupils developed and presented their own findings/views as a result of the activity. They developed group skills whilst being happy to work on their own. In taking more responsibility for their learning they needed to have the confidence to ask for extra help when necessary. Responsible citizens: Pupils developed an understanding of the Energy Crisis and how engineering will have a very important role in the future of life as we know it. Having Economics so closely linked to the Physics and Technological Studies that they were learning ensured that they could see clear links between science/technology and the real world. Effective contributors: Pupils had to work both independently and as part of a team. They needed to be able to communicate their ideas both within a small group environment and in front of the whole class. Curriculum for Excellence This activity provides many links to the Curriculum for Excellence SCN 3-04a, SCN 4-04a, SCN 4-09b, SCN 4-09c, SCN 4-20a, SCN 4-20b, TCH 3-01a, TCH 4-01c, TCH 4-03b, TCH 3-14a,TCH 4-14b. Please see the full activity guide for a detailed breakdown of specific outcomes covered. Engineering the Future aims to develop a sustainable model of activities that enhance the learning experiences of pupils, develops their knowledge and understanding of contemporary engineering and smoothes the transition into engineering from school to university. Dr Deborah Keys 1, Mrs Pam Webster 1, Professor Gordon Hayward 2 and Professor Ivan Andonovic 2. 1.Dollar Academy, Dollar, Scotland. 2.Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Description of engineering experience Motivation, engagement and pupil response Skills developed, links to Curriculum for Excellence and the four capacities

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