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What to expect from CHI Director, Policy & Development Jocelyn Cornwell.

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1 What to expect from CHI Director, Policy & Development Jocelyn Cornwell

2 CHIs aim To bring about demonstrable improvement in the quality of NHS patient care throughout England and Wales

3 CHIs principles patient centred independent, rigorous & fair developmental evidence based open and accessible apply the same expectations to ourselves

4 Issues & challenges for PCTs? new rapidly evolving responsibilities shared services deficits performance targets old structures to deal with mergers moving goalposts

5 Issues & challenges for CHI diversity: PCTs commission, provide and host different services differently broad remit of PCTs: commissioning, health improvement and the transformational agenda what CHI sees may be as much a legacy of the PCTs past as a testament to progress PCT Boards have responsibility for, but no direct control over, a significant proportion of services the regulatory burden

6 A CHI clinical governance review Will: identify strengths and areas for improvement provide an independent assessment of systems to assure quality of patient care touch different levels & parts of the organisation Will not: assess individual performance or practices examine every service area

7 Clinical governance review framework Clinical effectiveness Clinical audit Risk management Training and education Staffing Public involvement Use of information Patient experience Strategic capacity Assessed on i-iv scale Assessment framework under development

8 The CGR process Phase Four Action planning & ongoing monitoring Phase Three Reporting 3 months 17 weeks Review week visit Phase Two Analysis, stakeholder meetings & preparation Phase One Data collection

9 Capturing the patient experience Phase one National patient survey data (when published) Phase two Stakeholder meetings – patients, public and patient organisations Review week Observation (not treatment/consultation) This is a real challenge for CHI and under development. Current position:

10 How are health professionals and staff involved? Phase one Practice questionnaire survey Staff survey (sample of directly employed staff) Phase two Stakeholder meetings Review week Interviews in selected clinical areas/practices

11 How the evidence base develops Pre-review evidence Key issues Revised key issues after preliminary feedback Daily revisions during review week Final complete version of key findings used for assessment s Summarise d and aligned to report

12 Reporting & action planning high level feedback at end of review week (CEO) published report: 5 days for comments PCT provided with detailed evidence tables (unpublished) press release to inform the public PCT publishes action plan once agreed with StHA and CHI

13 Further questions ? For more detailed information on PCT clinical governance review methods go to on the clinical governance reviews tab at the top of the page 2.scroll down to the link clinical governance reviews of primary care trusts

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