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Nonfiction Unit 5.

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1 Nonfiction Unit 5

2 Nonfiction vs. Fiction FICTION NONFICTION
Comes from the author’s imagination Made Up Characters Imaginary events and places NONFICTION Factual information Real People True Experiences

3 Writing Tools Nonfiction writers use many of the same tools used in fiction: Suspense Irony Imagery Conflict Symbols Humor

4 Purpose…Why do they write it?
Describe Tell A Story Persuade Explain Entertain Or…do a bunch of these at once

5 Why did they write it?

6 Types of Nonfiction Biographies / Autobiographies Essays
Nonfiction Narrative Speeches

7 Are you with me? Biographies, Autobiographies, and essays are forms of fiction. T/F Nonfiction is about real people, places, and events. T/F Nonfiction writers use tools like suspense and humor in their writing. T/F Nonfiction writers only write about their opinions. T/F

8 Worksheet Activity Show me what you know about Nonfiction.
Go over as a class.

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