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2014-2015 REGISTRATION.  Enrollment Guide is online!!  Check for prerequisites  Be sure to choose alternate classes!  REGISTER ONLINE BY DEADLINE.

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1 2014-2015 REGISTRATION

2  Enrollment Guide is online!!  Check for prerequisites  Be sure to choose alternate classes!  REGISTER ONLINE BY DEADLINE DATE!!!- if you do not go online & register you may not get the courses you want

3  Courses requested through student or parent portal  Student access  Username: Student ID #  Password: first initial, list initial, birthday (am030496)  Parent access  If you cannot remember your username and password, contact 636-851-HELP

4  January 13 th to January 23 rd  Portal Closes Midnight on January 23 rd  See Online Registration Handout for Log In & Password assistance  Individual Advisement will be in February

5 O.S.S.R. – Online Student Schedule Requests Yr 2015 1- Select Course Registration 2015 2- Begin at: Course Search 3- Search By: Enter a partial Course Name (or leave it blank) then GO 4- Click on the specific course you wish to view (Course Description then becomes visible) 5- Select REQUEST THIS COURSE 6- Repeat these steps for each Course Request / Begin again at Course Search (item 2 above) 7- UNITS Must Equal ( 14 / 14 ) for a Complete Schedule ( 7 courses Sm1 & 7 courses Sm2 )


7  Regular classes can only be changed within the first 10 days of each semester (if they meet schedule change guidelines)  Honors classes can only be changed to regular classes at semester if the student has a “D” or “F” in the course at the end of first semester.  Classes dropped after the 10 day limit will result in a grade of “F” for the semester. *CHOOSE COURSES & ALTERNATES CAREFULLY!*


9 Unit of Credit Each semester class you pass =.5 credit Each year long class you pass (2 semesters) = 1.0 credit Required Course → Specific course or credit required to graduate → You must pass all of these classes in addition to earning 24 credits. If you fail a required class, you must retake it until you pass. Elective Course → Courses you choose to take for credit but not specifically required for graduation. → If you fail an elective it is not necessary to retake it for credit. Grading Scale A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 59 and below Semester Grade = 1 st quarter percentage x 40% + 2 nd quarter percentage x 40% + semester final exam percentage x 20%

10  Communication Arts 4.0 units *9 th, 10 th, 11 th Grade Comm. Arts  Social Studies 3.0 units * American History; World History; American Government  Mathematics 3.0 units *Any three math credits  Science 3.0 units * Physical Science; Biology  Fine Arts 1.0 unit *Art Classes; music classes; theatre classes *Student decides when to take this credit

11  Practical Arts 1.0 unit *FACS classes; Industrial Technology classes; Business classes; Yearbook, Newspaper and Photojournalism  Physical Education 1.0 unit *Student decides when to take.5 credit P.E. elective  Health0.5 unit  Personal Finance0.5 unit * Junior or Senior year  Electives7.0 units *Any credit earned beyond the minimum required in the core areas listed above or credits earned in the non core areas such as world languages

12  Principles of Biomedical Sciences (all grades)  Advanced Placement Geography (all grades)  Online Health (Summer only)  Online Personal Finance (11 th & 12 th )  Desktop Publishing II ( Prereq. : Desktop Publishing 1)  PE - Fitness for Life (10 th, 11 th, 12 th ) {Walking+Aerobics+Weights}  PE - Cardio Health (10 th, 11 th, 12 th )


14 Communication Arts4.0 Credits Math (Alg 1 or higher)4.0 Credits Social Studies4.0 Credits Science4.0 Credits Fine Arts1.0 Credit Foreign Language2.0 Credits *NCAA approved courses are noted in the Enrollment guide. *Please verify admission requirements with specific colleges.

15  Lewis and Clark Career Center  Attend FHN 3 hours & attend Lewis & Clark 3 hours  Juniors eligible to attend 2 year technical programs  Work Study Programs-12 th only  Must attend FHN at least 4 hours *Culinary Arts/Cooperative Work *Business/Cooperative Work Experience *Marketing/Cooperative Work Experience *** Student Athletes must earn 3 credits each semester.  Dual Enrollment -12 th only

16  Student enrolls in college credit classes at local college.  Only college credit is earned during dual enrollment. No high school credit is awarded.  Enrollees must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA  Students must be at FHN at least 4 periods  4 periods at FHN = 6 college credit hours (normally 2 courses)  5 or more periods at FHN = 3 college credit hours (normally 1 course) **** Student Athletes must earn 3 credits each semester.

17  Rigorous, college level courses taught at FHN  Students can choose to take the AP exam in the Spring ($89 fee/exam currently) to potentially earn college credit for the course  Students should contact the college of their choice to ask about potential credit  Talk with current teachers about potential success

18  Rigorous, college level courses taught at FHN  Students earn college credit through UMSL ($60/credit hour currently)  Based upon overall grade earned in the class  Students should contact colleges they are interested in to ensure the credit will be accepted & how it will be transcribed Spanish III, IV, V French III, IV, V German III, IV, V AP Calculus AP Statistics AP Chemistry

19 Must be enrolled to earn 3.0 units of credit (6 classes) Must have earned 3.0 units of credit the preceding semester Must maintain a minimum GPA of 1.5 All freshmen are eligible their first semester of high school.

20 High School Transcript

21  Summer School is remedial with exception of the following:  Personal Finance Online (after completion of 10 th grade)  Health Online  PE Electives (to be announced)  Practical Art Electives (to be announced)  ACT Prep – 3 days; no credit

22  The Enrollment Guide has a complete list of requirements for the following Senior Awards:  Francis Howell College Preparatory Studies Certificate  President’s Award for Educational Excellence  Standard of Academic Accomplishment  Cum Laude

23  A seal will be placed on diploma indicating the appropriate honor.  Students will wear a medallion and Cum Laude honors will be announced at graduation  Summa Cum Laude (Gold)4.2 or higher GPA  Magna Cum Laude (Silver)4.0 -- 4.19 GPA  Cum Laude (Bronze)3.8 -- 3.99 GPA

24  Minimum 3.8 GPA  Must earn 27.0 Credits  Successfully complete four credits in each of the Core areas (Math, Communication Arts, Science and Social Studies)  Earn “Proficient” and/or “Advanced” rating on three out of four End of Course (EOC’s) exams  Score a minimum of 27 on the ACT



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