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July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 802.20 Opening July 2005 Plenary Session #15 Jerry Upton- Chair Gang Wu – Procedural Vice Chair Eshwar.

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1 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 802.20 Opening July 2005 Plenary Session #15 Jerry Upton- Chair Gang Wu – Procedural Vice Chair Eshwar Pittampalli – Liaison Vice Chair Rao Yallapragada – Recording Secretary 802.20-05/47r1

2 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 6. Patents IEEE standards may include the known use of patent(s), including patent applications, provided the IEEE receives assurance from the patent holder or applicant with respect to patents essential for compliance with both mandatory and optional portions of the standard. This assurance shall be provided without coercion and prior to approval of the standard (or reaffirmation when a patent becomes known after initial approval of the standard). This assurance shall be a letter that is in the form of either a) A general disclaimer to the effect that the patentee will not enforce any of its present or future patent(s) whose use would be required to implement the proposed IEEE standard against any person or entity using the patent(s) to comply with the standard or b) A statement that a license will be made available without compensation or under reasonable rates, with reasonable terms and conditions that are demonstrably free of any unfair discrimination This assurance shall apply, at a minimum, from the date of the standard's approval to the date of the standard's withdrawal and is irrevocable during that period. IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws on Patents in Standards Approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board – December 2002

3 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Copyright Under the current US copyright law — the author of information is deemed to own the copyright from the moment of creation The IEEE Bylaws require copyright of all material to be held by the IEEE –Must consult with IEEE for re-use of copyright material The IEEE Standards accomplishes transfer of copyright ownership through the Project Authorization Request (PAR) process

4 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Inappropriate Topics for IEEE WG Meetings Don’t discuss licensing terms or conditions Don’t discuss product pricing, territorial restrictions or market share Don’t discuss ongoing litigation or threatened litigation Don’t be silent if inappropriate topics are discussed… do formally object. If you have questions, contact the IEEE Patent Committee Administrator at Approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board – December 2002

5 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 No Electronic sign-in - - Manual Sign In Books 802.20 has 14 meeting slots you need to participate in 11 meeting slots to get participation credit. Attendees shall state their Affiliation in the manual sign in book per Appendix B of the 802.0 Version 1.0 Policies & Procedures (802.20 PD-05).This is a requirement for obtaining a voting token. 802.20 and 802.21 Grant Reciprocal Maintenance Attendance Credit in addition to.18 &.19, please state your home group when signing in Meeting Room - -Pacific Concourse West F&G Logistics

6 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 802.20 Attendance Sign In and Affiliation Statement You must complete all information requested, sign and date. You only need to complete form once and then initial time slots. You receive extra credit for attending tutorials. Please note any attendance at Tutorials. Please Add the Number on your Badge next to your name.

7 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 APPENDIX B IEEE 802.20 WG Policies and Procedures V1.0 Affiliation Statements Per ANSI essential requirements, if there is a requested from an interested party for identification of affiliation it shall be granted. The ANSI rules apply since IEEE 802 does not have any exception speaking to this issue. Per the Chair of IEEE 802 and the Standards Association Board counsel, this procedure will be followed unless there is no request from an interested party. Procedure: 1. All attendees shall state their affiliation using a manual sign in book provided at each Plenary and Interim Session. If the automated/electronic attendance system is updated for the appropriate record field and instructions, the attendees shall use that system. 2. If an attendee is unable to comply with this procedure, the attendee shall notify the WG Chair. 3. Each attendee shall refer to the below ANSI Essential Requirements statement and use the below for guidance in complying with this procedure. Affiliation and ANSI Essential Requirements On the Web at: Activities/American National Standards/Procedures, Guides, and Forms/ER2003.doc “2.1 Openness Timely and adequate notice of any action to create, revise, reaffirm, or withdraw a standard, and the establishment of a new consensus body shall be provided to all known directly and materially affected interests. Notice should include a clear and meaningful description of the proposed activity and shall identify a readily available source of information. In addition, the name, affiliation [2] and interest category of each member of the consensus body shall be made available to interested parties upon request.” “[2] “Affiliation” refers to the entity that the consensus body member represents (which may or may not be that person’s employer). If the consensus body member is serving in an individual capacity, then the name of the individual, that person’s employer, sponsor and interest category should be available. Contact information is not required.”

8 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Objectives for the Session 1.Primary Objective is Closure and Approval of Channel Models Documents 2.Consensus on Evaluation Criteria and Traffic Models Document 3.Consensus on Technology Selection Process

9 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20

10 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20

11 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Process for this meeting: 1.Review Status of the Document 2.Take New Contributions related to the Document 3.Review each Section of the Document - - reach consensus and approval - - refer back to previous Contributions relevant to the section 4.Seek drafting Ad-Hocs if needed 5.Sections with Options will be voted via Straw Polls and then Motions…”July Voting”..move forward. 6.Sections need 75% approval. Overall Document needs 75% approval. 7.Use this process for Evaluation Criteria and Channel Models Document Closure Process

12 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Status of Channel Models and Evaluation Criteria and Traffic Models documents

13 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Version 9r1 is the current document for this Plenary: Open Items: 1.Acceptance of the text changes made by Ayman per 05/32r1 Ver9r1. 2.Agreement on Setting a Center Frequency for all technology proponents - - see editor’s notes in the document 3.Decide if the Indoor Pico Channel Scenario is needed or not. If needed then TBDs need completion. See Editor’s notes in the document. 4.Take New Contributions related to the Document. 5.Seek drafting Ad-Hocs if needed Channel Models Document - Status

14 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Current Version is 16r1: 1.Version 16 was a very large cleanup and has been available for a month. 2.Last revision only addressed editorial fixes including table/figure numbers and table of contents, etc. 3.A large Number of Open issues (many with options and many with TBDs) 4.New contributions address some items Evaluation Criteria and Traffic Models Document

15 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Current Version is 16r1 – Open Issues #1 Evaluation Criteria and Traffic Models Document 1.Traffic Models a.VoIP model: i. Simple version as currently stated in the document. ii.Simple version plus using one voice codec - - AMR proposed iii.More complex version using voice quality testing b.Gaming model: i.Single Party gaming model ii.Multi-player gaming model c.Multicast/Broadcast model (Multicast is a “shall” requirement.): i.Need a proposed model ii.Or Proponents can just show support in the proposal and members will need to judge. iii. Or Re-open Systems Requirements and eliminate the requirement d.Video Conferencing - - needs a model or delete e.Audio Streaming - - needs a model or delete f.Traffic Mix - - agree upon definition and then a mix: i.Simple Mix (Dan Gal proposal) ii.Complex Mix (other option in document but not filled in) iii.Current proposed definition iv. Different Definition

16 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Current Version is 16r1 – Open Issues #2 Evaluation Criteria and Traffic Models Document 1.Mobility Modeling - - Section 5.4 a.Clarification of outstanding action items from contributor b. Or Approve the current version 2.Channel Mix - Section 9.1 a.Delete the section (10 people at May Interim voted to delete and 1 voted No) b.Create a mix proposal based upon the 3 or 4 Channel models 3.Control Signaling Modeling – Section 5.5 a.Delete b.Propose an approach 4.System Calibration – Section 8 (still awaiting an agreed set of text from David Huo and Arak Sutivong based upon contribution C802.20-04/83r6.) a. Needs for contributions and clarifications b.Develop a proposal at the meeting

17 July18, 2005Chair, IEEE 802.20 Current Version is 16r1 – Open Issues #3 Evaluation Criteria and Traffic Models Document 1.Phases of Evaluation a.Options for the Phases i.Separate Phase 0 for calibration, then Phase I and Phase II ii.Phase I and Phase II as currently outlined in the document iii.Others, for example Collapse Phase I and Phase II into one submission, then only address questions or issues from the group b.Need Specifics in each Phase (a number of TBDs remain): i.Still need further contributions and discussion ii.Accept proposals at the meeting for resolution 2. Link Budget Template – Section 11 needs resolution 3.Capacity Performance – Section 14 needs review and discussion 4.Fairness Criteria – Section 15 a.Delete the additional TBDs on fairness by application type or specific application b.Propose additional Fairness Criteria for some applications such as Gaming 5.Simulation and Evaluation of Various Block Assignments – Section 16 needs text on unpaired block assignments and further review 6.Also a number of Editors notes and other consistency checks

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