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1 1 SURF to Biodiversity 2020 Maria Tiefenbach Environment Agency Austria

2 Content Europe`s Biodiversity, Status and Threats EU Strategies 2020 Financing Biodiversity 2

3 Europe`s Biodiversity 3

4 Status of Biodiversity Species faced with the risk of extinction - up to 25 % of European animal species, including mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and butterflies face the risk of extinction and are therefore included in the EU Regional Red List by IUCN 65 % of the habitats and 52 % of the species covered by the EU Habitats Directive are considered to be in an unfavourable conservation status (EEA-ETC/BD, 2009) 4 Species Habitats

5 Threats Habitat loss Overexploration Pollution Invasive Alien Species Climate change 5

6 EUROPE 2020 - Headline targets for Growth and Conservation of Biodiversity Conservation of Biodiversity Halting the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystem services in the EU and restoring them in so far as feasible, while stepping up the EU contribution to averting global biodiversity loss 6 Smart, sustainable, inclusive growth Employment Research & Development 20/20/20 Reduce of greenhouse gas emissions Increase of energy efficiency Education Combating poverty

7 Biodiversity 2020 Implementation of Biodiversity targets on Member State, regional/local level Financial support is essential 7

8 SURF conclusions for improving ERDF Thematic objectives Direct opportunities „protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency“ – „protecting biodiversity, soil protection and promoting ecosystem services including NATURA 2000 and green infrastructure“ -> to be included into OPs as investment priority Indirect opportunities e.g. Low carbon society Climate change adaptation Education 8

9 SURF conclusions for improving ERDF Better integration into the Operational Programms in general Direct and indirect needs and priorities, e.g. Restoration of degraded ecosystems Public paticipation and awareness raising Synergies between biodiversity and regional development, e.g. Infrastructure, Jobs and regional vitality Avoid funding with negative impacts on biodiversity Integration of Prioritized Action Frameworks for funding Natura 2000 9

10 Overall objective Improve regional policies and practises for nature conservation and biodiversity by increasing the opportunities for and the impacts of financing nature conservation measures from ERDF funds 10

11 Europe`s Biodiversity 11

12 12 Sustainable Use of Regional funds - for Nature Thank you for your Attention!

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