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Freshmen Introduction to Naviance & Learning Styles.

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1 Freshmen Introduction to Naviance & Learning Styles

2 What is Naviance?  Web-based organizer for college and career planning, PSAT/SAT prep  All WHS students have Naviance accounts  Learn more about yourself and:  How you learn  What’s unique about your personality  How your interests and abilities relate to future career and college majors

3 Whale Dog Penguin Whale


5 Why should I care about how I learn?  Learning styles are part of who we are  Primary learning styles:  Auditory  Visual  Kinesthetic / Tactile  Most people learn through a combination of these primary styles, and many have a preference for one

6 Your learning style also includes…  What time of day you can be most productive  Whether you work better on your own or with peers  Whether you should have a quiet environment or if you need music to study  If chewing gum or eating a snack will help you focus or make you distracted


8 Press Esc Minimize Browser Return to Naviance Complete the Learning Styles Inventory.

9 Visual Learning Style  Learn through seeing  Relate most to written information, notes, diagrams, and pictures  Take notes even when there are printed course notes  Most effective in written communications

10 Tips for Visual Learners  Use pictures, charts, maps, graphs  Have a clear view of your teacher to observe body language and facial expressions  Use color to highlight important points in text  Take notes or ask teacher to provide handouts  Study in a quiet place away from verbal disturbances  Visualize information as a picture to aid memorization  Write a story and illustrate it  Use multi-media e.g. Quizlit, Kahn Academy,Youtube

11 Auditory Learning Style  Learn through hearing  Remember things when they are heard  Relate most to the spoken word  Tend to listen to a lecture, take notes afterwards  Read information aloud

12 Tips for Auditory Learners  Participate in class discussions/debates  Make speeches and presentations  Use smart phone voice recorder  Read text aloud or Audio books, e.g.. Audible Books  Create musical jingles or mnemonics to aid memorization  Discuss your ideas verbally  Dictate to someone while they write down your thoughts e.g. Dragon Speak  Use verbal analogies and story-telling to demonstrate your point

13 Kinesthetic/Tactile Learning Style  Learn through moving, doing, and hands-on activities  Learn skills through imitation and practice  Strong need for activity and exploration

14 Tips for Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners  Take frequent study breaks  Move around to learn new things  Work at a standing position  Chew gum while studying  Use bright colors to highlight reading material  Listen to music while you study  Skim through reading material to get a rough idea what it is about before settling down to read it in detail

15 Wrap Up…  Your learning style may be the single most important key to improving your grades!  Capitalize on strengths, improve weaknesses  Match learning style with study habits

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