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Welcome! April Clark 541-1662 x237.

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1 Welcome! April Clark 541-1662 x237

2 AP Biology – 11 th & 12 th grade I also… Teach Biology I

3 Requirements for class: Notebook Textbook Prepared for class Calculator Internet access

4 Assessment: *Daily participation grade *Labs & formal lab reports *Class work *Homework *Tests/quizzes/assessments *Projects *Midterm exam (January) *Final exam – cumulative (May) *Notebook checks (each marking period)

5 District Grading Policy Summative assessments50% tests, lab notebook, formal lab reports, projects Formative assessments25% quizzes, smaller lab activities and projects Miscellaneous(class participation)25% classwork, homework, participation Late work -10% of each day up to 3 days late

6 AP Biology is… * 2 credits & weighted * Equivalent to 2 semesters of college-level biology * Taught like a college-level class * To prepare for the AP Biology exam given in May 12th

7 AP Lab * Laboratory work is an important part of this course. * Every effort should be made to be present and prepared for lab. * All AP required labs will have pre-lab work that must be completed before student is allowed to begin a lab. * Most AP required labs will be written up in formal lab report format or presented as a poster presentation.

8 Topics for AP Biology: Ecology – Done! Chemistry of Life – Test 9/27 Cell Structure & Function Molecular Genetics Heredity Evolution Diversity of Organisms Structure & Function of Plants & Animals

9 AP Exam New format 63 m/c questions 6 grid in questions (math/stats) 2 long answer 6 short answer Given May 12 th Study sessions will begin in March

10 My science/education background… B.S. Biology – University of MD, Baltimore County Secondary Ed. Cert. – Millersville University M.S. Teaching & Curriculum – Penn State Harrisburg M.S. Biology – Shippensburg University Pharmacy Tech Research technician – Ft. Detrick/NIH AIDS clinic Veterinarian Assistant Quality Assurance Analyst – Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Biology Teacher – 13 years @ CDEHS – 8 years

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