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State and Local Government. NC Constitution (BB pg. 74)  Preamble  Declaration of Rights (Article I)  Articles (14) Three NC Constitutions.

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1 State and Local Government

2 NC Constitution (BB pg. 74)  Preamble  Declaration of Rights (Article I)  Articles (14) Three NC Constitutions

3 Amending the Constitution 1. Majority vote of a “convention of the people” – CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION 2. Proposal passed by 3/5ths vote in both houses of the General Assembly and ratified by a majority vote from the people – LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE

4 NC Executive Branch  Governor (4 terms, serve 2 consecutive terms at a time)  Lieutenant Governor Executive and legislative power President of state Senate Member of the Council of State  Cabinet Appointed positions  Council of State Executive advisory committee: create policy, oversee spending and conduct business 4 year term Elected position

5 Legislative Branch  General Assembly House of Representatives (120) Senate (50) Create laws or statutes All laws are subject to the due process clause in the US Constitution’s 14 th amendment and Bill of Rights = Incorporation

6 Judicial Branch (BB pg. 79)  NC Supreme Court (1 chief justice and 6 associate justices: elected to 8 year terms) State v. Mann Leandro v. NC (Blue Book pg. 80)  NC Court of Appeals (15 judges-elected to 8 year terms)  Superior Courts Trial court that hears felony criminal matters and civil cases involving more than $10,000  District Courts Trial court that hears juvenile matters, misdemeanors and civil matters less than $10,000

7 State Agencies  Boards, commissions, departments and offices in the executive branch  Carry out laws  Heads of agencies  elected or appointed by the governor

8 State Agencies  NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Largest Health, safety and well-being Budget is 20% of state budget Secretary is appointed by the governor

9 State Agencies  NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Division of parks and recreation  Maintain an preserve all of NC’s state parks and recreation areas

10 State Agencies  Department of Transportation (DOT) Plan, construct, maintain and operate NC transportation system Appointed official

11 Local Government  COUNTY 100 Governed by boards of County Commissioners  Elected by county residents  May serve 2 or 4 year terms  Administer statewide programs  Make rules to meet the needs of citizens (Ex. zoning requests)

12 Local Government  COUNTY Registrar of Deeds/ Register of Deeds  Elected by citizens of the county  4 year term  Manage public records/legal documents: deeds, deeds of trust, powers of attorney, maps of property  Issue marriage licenses, birth and death certificates

13 Local Government  CITY (Municipality) 1. Council-manager Plan  Elected city council makes policies, adopts ordinances and approves the budget  Mayor is a member and presiding officer of the council 2. Mayor-council Plan  Mayor represents city and is not a member of the city council

14 Local Government  CITY (municipality)  Metropolis  set of adjacent municipalities that function together as one (Ex. Charlotte) City Council  Make laws for the city Aldermen  Represent city districts and work with the mayor to run the city government Special Districts  Specialized services within the district, paid for by the taxes of its residents  School district  BOE

15 Local Government  School Board Council of local school district members Influence policies about education in the district

16 Local Government  Ordinance Regulation enacted by city government Usually quality of life stuff (noise control, trespassing and human rights) Local acts (ordinances and municipal codes) are limited to a particular county or city Referendum (direct popular vote on an issue)  Common at state and local levels

17 Local Government  TOWN/Townships Subdivision of a county

18 Law Enforcement  Sheriff (Sheriff’s deputies) County’s highest elected law-enforcement officer  Oversee jail  Provide courthouse security  Transport prisoners  Chief of Police Commanding officer of city’s police department Appointed position

19 INB Output  L 31 A Council of State v. Cabinet Limits on governor and lieutenant governor (pg. 78)  L 31 B Diagram for the Legislative Branch Diagram of the Judicial Branch  Types of jurisdiction (pg. 79)  L 34 County Illustration  L 34 “CITY” Poem  L 34 Job ads: sheriff and police chief

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