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@APGOPOHHS Good Morning, Vikes! C11 Review: The Legislative Branch.

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2 @APGOPOHHS Good Morning, Vikes! C11 Review: The Legislative Branch

3 The Great Compromise Philadelphia, 1787 Bicameral legislature House- proportionate representation Senate- equal representation

4 Elections, Terms. Qualifications HOUSE –2 year term –435 –All –25 –7–7 –Resident –Formal rules –Direct election SENATE –6 year term –100 –1/3 –30 –9 –Resident –Informal rules –State legislatures –17 th Amendment

5 Trend Toward Decentralization Rise of individual member More committees and subcommittees Secret ballot Gridlock U.S. Term Limits v. Thorton (1995)

6 Duties of the Congress Make Laws Service to Constituents (casework) Investigate Legislative Oversight

7 Congressional Support Staff Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Government Accountability Office (GAO) Congressional Research Service (CRS) Library of Congress (LOC)

8 People Hate the Congress, but like their own Congressman

9 The House of Representatives Speaker of the House Decentralization Revenue Bills Rules Committee Ways and Means (revenue) Appropriations (expenditures) Appropriations Germane Debate Committee of the Whole

10 House Rules Committee Closed rules Open rules Restrictive rules *Germane Debate and strict rules!

11 The United States Senate Less formal Non-germane debate Filibuster Cloture (60) Riders Christmas Tree bills Majority Leader President President Pro Tempore Unanimous Consent Senate Hold Confirmation

12 The United States Senate Finance (revenue) Appropriations (expenditures)

13 Incumbent Advantages Name recognition Casework Sponsor legislation Redistricting Franking privilege Home visits Pork barrel legislation Earmarks Logrolling Credit/blame Raising $$$ Sophomore surge Reelection H- 90%+ S- 65-85%

14 Incumbent Vulnerability Inexperience Quality challenger ($) Marginal versus Safe seat Wrong doing Senators (@ large) Mid-term election Gerrymandering

15 Decennial Census Congress –Reapportionment –Snow belt/rustbelt –Sunbelt State Legislatures –Redistricting –Gerrymandering –Packing –Cracking –Compact –Contiguous –Malapportionment –Baker v. Carr –One man/one vote

16 Racial Gerrymandering Majority-minority districts Descriptive representation Substantive representation

17 How a Bill Becomes a Law Hopper Standing Committees and Subcommittees Sequential referral Mark up session Pigeon holing Reporting Out Calendars H- Committee of the Whole H- Rules Committee Conference Committee Enrollment of Bill

18 Committee Work Real work Most bills die Specialization/ expertise Markup session Hearings/testimony Standing committee Subcommittee Joint committee Conference committee Select committee

19 Calendars Calendar of General Business Executive House Union Private Discharge

20 Types of Votes in Congress Voice (H/S) Standing (Division) (H) Teller (H) Roll Call (H/S)

21 How Congressmen Vote Representational (Delegate) Attitudinal (Trustee) Organizational (Party Line) * Delegates, Trustees, Politicos

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