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Site Registration and Monitoring

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1 Site Registration and Monitoring

2 Accessing The Portal Click here
Go to and click on “Monitoring Portal Login” or go directly to

3 First Time Registration
Click on the “New Installer” link to register Register here

4 Registration After the registration process you will receive an activation Click on the link in this to confirm your address The registration procedure can take up to 2 days

5 Login Enter user name and password and click „Login“ Email address

6 Home / Your Sites - User settings - My account - Logout
Create New Site

7 Registering a New Site Fill in all the site details
Optionally upload site picture Upload „Site Mapper“- file if available

8 Registering a New Site Module manufacturer & model
Fill in serial numbers of all inverters

9 Home / Your Sites Click on site name to enter Newly created site

10 Dashboard

11 Admin Owners manage and add owners
Physical Layout creating and editing the physical layout Logical Layout adding and replacing system components Site Details Location, Feed-in-tariff, public site, kiosk display, etc.

12 Admin – Owners  Full access Dashboard & Layout Dashboard only
Charts Reports Alerts Admin Full access Dashboard & Layout Dashboard only

13 Admin – Physical Layout
Upload “Site-Mapper”-file Create new physical layout Edit draft layout Edit published layout Delete layout

14 Physical Layout Editor
Find more information in our YouTube channel: Physical Layout Editor - Part I - Residential systems and basic capabilities Physical Layout Editor - Part II - Commercial systems and advanced capabilities

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