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Getting Started with:. Registering for Pearson MasteringNutrition is easy! Go to the home page to get started

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1 Getting Started with:

2 Registering for Pearson MasteringNutrition is easy! Go to the home page to get started

3 What you need to get started: Make sure you have: A valid email address A student access code A Student Access Code Card/Kit may have been packaged with your new textbook. This is the BEST VALUE. Access code kits may be available separately in your school bookstore. You can also purchase access without an access code online at the home page for the discipline you want to register for. Your School Zip Code A Course ID (Provided by your instructor.) Do not throw away the card that came in your textbook!

4 You’re now ready to START! Click Students

5 Step 1: Do you have an access code? An access code is a 6-part code. Here is an example of what an access code looks like: QUAYS-THUMB-PIPES-TRAWL-NOMAD-KNEAD NOTE: Y our text/package may have included a Mastering access code, or you may have purchased a code separately at your bookstore. If not, you can purchase access online during this registration process. If you DO have an access code, click Yes and Continue

6 SKIP THIS SLIDE if you already have an access code. If you DO NOT have an access code, click No, then select the book you are using. NOTE: It is very important that you choose the CORRECT textbook. Many authors have multiple books so check the author/ EXACT title/ Edition to be sure! If you choose the wrong book, contact Tech Support.

7 SKIP THIS SLIDE if you already have an access code. Select Yes or No and click Continue Price will be shown before purchase. eText Options: Access codes packaged with a new text include eText access. You can purchase access to the eText at this time or you can upgrade to the eText later.

8 Read the Privacy Policy and License Agreement Click I Accept

9 Select No if this is your first time using a Pearson MyLab or Mastering product. Click Next Select Yes if you have previously registered for any other Pearson Mastering or “MyLab” products (MyMathLab, MyITLab, etc..) Do you have a Pearson Education account? Select Not Sure if you want to look it up. Note: If you do NOT have an access code and chose to purchase online, your screen will look different. The registration portion is the same, but you will be asked to enter a credit card instead of an Access Code.

10 Enter your Login Name and Password Click Next If you answered YES to having an account… Enter access code If you receive an error message, you might be using the wrong login or password. Click on NOT SURE to have your login and password emailed to you. Be sure to use the email address you used when you set up your Pearson account.

11 Click Next If you answered NOT SURE to having an account… Enter Email address and click SEARCH If you have an account it will say “we found you!”. If not, try again. Once you retrieve your login and password, return to the registration and choose YES. If you can not find a Pearson account, click NO and follow the registration steps.

12 Create a unique Login Name and Password and Re-type Password. Click Next Enter your 6-part Access Code HERE If you answered NO to having an account… Create a login and password you will use for all Pearson products

13 Enter School Country, Zip Code, School Name Enter First Name, Last Name, and Email Address If you chose “NO” and are registering for the FIRST TIME, you will enter the information listed. If you have registered in the past and logged in on the previous screen, you will simply confirm your information.

14 Click Next Select a Security Question and answer it.

15 For online purchase, you will need a major credit card. SKIP THIS SLIDE if you are NOT purchasing access online.

16 CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully registered for your Mastering course! Click Log In Now

17 If you received a Course ID from your instructor, select Yes, enter your Course ID, and click Continue. If you DO NOT have a Course ID, follow the instructions on the NEXT slide.

18 Click No if you DO NOT have a Course ID from your instructor. (You can join your course later.) Select your textbook from the drop-down menu and click Continue.

19 If you chose “no” and did not enter a Course ID, you will see this screen. If you have a Course ID, click HERE

20 Your instructor may provide specific instructions for completing this field. If so, enter the appropriate information and click Continue. If you are not sure what to enter, contact your instructor or click Skip This Step. (You can enter your Student ID later.) Note: This screen doesn’t appear for all users. You will only see this screen if your instructor has chosen to require a Student ID to enter the course.

21 You are now viewing your Mastering homepage! Click here to View Assignments (or click on the calendar.) Click here to access the eText Click here to access the Study Area Tips to improve your grade!

22 Click Introduction to Mastering assignment to learn how to use the program. Note: Completing the Introduction assignment is VERY important to understanding how to use Mastering. Students who skip this step often have difficulty entering their answers properly which can lead to lost points. Before you begin…

23 Many of the reported tech support issues with Mastering are related to computer settings. Make sure you allow pop ups, enable cookies, enable Javascript, and have the latest version of Flash on your computer. Before you begin, Check your computer against the System Requirements for Mastering.

24 Click Welcome! These items will explain how to navigate in the program, how to submit your answers, and how you can expect to be graded. Click here to learn how Mastering will grade your work

25 Read the question and answer all parts as instructed. Additional Resources

26 Return to MasteringNutrition for future logins Enter your Username and Password. Click Sign In If your username and password do not work, click on “Forgot your username/password” and enter ONLY your email address to retrieve it.

27 Questions? Click on the SUPPORT TAB

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