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Merry Christmas & New Year

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1 Merry Christmas & New Year
МБОУ ВНГ Merry Christmas & New Year in Great Britain Авторы: Иванов В, Петров С,Cидоров И. 4 кл. Руководитель: учитель английского языка Александрова Н.В.

2 When`s Christmas Day?

3 Everybody likes winter holidays.

4 Christmas Christmas is a religious holiday.
It is the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

5 Christmas On the 25th of December there is the greatest holiday of all in England – Christmas. People send X-mas cards to their friends and relatives. People buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with toys, coloured balls and lights. Children wake up early to find stockings full of small presents on their bed.

6 He is based on a real person who lived in Myra in the 4th century AD. He brings presents for children on the night before Christmas Day.

7 Santa puts the presents into the children`s stockings.
You can see Santa. He`s very kind old man. Father Christmas is tall, fat and funny. He`s got a white beard and moustache. Santa`s got glasses. He usually wear a red and white cap, a red and white jacket, a black belt, black boots. In this photo Father Christmas is wearing red and white trousers, white gloves . At night he comes. Santa puts the presents into the children`s stockings.

8 What about Christmas lunch?
For Christmas lunch British eat turkey, potatoes, green vegetables and Christmas pudding. Christmas pudding

9 At midnight they sings New Year songs and wishes a happy New Year.
New Year’s Eve all British celebrate on the 31st of December. Most people see with friends and relatives. At midnight they sings New Year songs and wishes a happy New Year. English often make New Year`s resolutions for the New Year. Example: to go swimming every day to be nice to my parents not to eat bread or spaghetti not to be late for school.

10 Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

11 Нам помогли Учебники Spotlight,Oxford Team Наши родители и любимый учитель

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