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By: Jasmine Thomas Date :April 7 th, 2011 1 st period “Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes”

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1 By: Jasmine Thomas Date :April 7 th, 2011 1 st period “Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes”

2 Chris Crutcher Chris Crutcher was born in Dayton Ohio on July 17, 1946. He grew up in Cascade,Idhao. His parents were a WWII bomber pilot and a homeaker they lived in a logging town north of Boise. He graduate from Eastern Washington College which is now called Eastern Washington University. Chris taught primary and secondary school and Washington before he became a writer. Chris was a 6 time winner of ALA(American Library Association). Our books by Chris Cructher are Ironman, Deadline and The Secrets of Sarah Byrnes.

3 Recommendation I would recommend this book to people. I kind of liked the book. It just took me a while to get into it because I didn’t quite understand some of it. My least favorite part was when I found out the truth about what really happened to her face. My favorite part was when Mr. &Mrs. Lemry adopted Sarah Byrnes and she was safe from her father. I would tell my friend that once you start off at the beginning of the book it’s kind of boring but once you get into the book you get more interested and you would never want to stop reading.

4 Resource Page Media Center Resources: Online Resources: Stotan; F CRU; c1986 By: Chris Crutcher Ironman: a novel; F CRU; c1995 Chinese handcuffs; F CRU; c1991 Books on Friendship: Friendship: How to make and keep friends By: Harold H. Dawley; 158 DAW; c1980 Love you like a sister: 30 cool rules for making & being a better best friend;158.25 BAR; c1998 “Friendship” ntries/friendship/;Tue May 17, 2005 Other Books by Chris Crutcher: Deadline c2009, Whale Talk c2003, Running Loose c2003

5 Character Description Eric Calhoune: Sarah Byrnes best friend Sarah Byrnes: Eric Calhoune best friend and Virgil Byrnes daughter Mr. Mautz: Principal Ms. Lemry: English teacher and swimming coach Dale Thornton: a bully to Sarah and Eric but also helps Eric in his time of need. Ellerby: Eric’s friend from CAT class and the swim team Mark Brittain: Eric teammate on the swim team tries to kill his self. Virgil Byrnes: Sarah Byrnes father

6 Summary: Eric “Moby” Calhoune’s father left him at a very young with his mother. His father never contacted him he only has a picture of him. All he know is that he is a professor in the Midwest. His mother is a pretty lady Eric was always asking her why he didn’t have her looks instead of his dads. Eric was a big guy who spent hours in the weight room. Everybody called him Moby. But his English teacher and also his swim coach Mrs. Lemry always told him he was a jock. After school he goes to swim practice and does 25 yards. Once practice is over he heads over to Sacred Heart Hospital to see Sarah Byrnes. She is on the 8 th floor which is called Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit.

7 Sarah Byrnes was the toughest kid Eric knew but one day in class after the bell had rang from them to leave she just sat there she didn’t move or speak. He would go and see her as much as he could to see if she would talk to him but every time she said nothing. The nurse at the hospital told him to just talk to her about the old times and see if it lights a spark somewhere for her and she might talk. The nurse was calling her Sarah but she never answer became she only responds to Sarah Byrnes. So Eric decides to talk her about the newspaper they made called “ Crispy Pork Rinds. The Crispy part comes from Sarah being crispy and Eric is a porker and the rinds are what’s left.

8 The next day is CAT class they talking about if the world was bad or good. Eric told the class that the world was a bad place to live. When he said that he was thinking of Sarah Byrnes, about how she was going to make it in this world. He said that there is no place to hide. Eric is really worried about Sarah Byrnes. Eric has known Sarah since grade school, sometimes he gets angry because he doesn’t understand and that he wants to hurt her in some way. Eric and Sarah became friends when he was fat and when she was ugly and he promised to her that he would never leave her. While he was thinking about Sarah andDale Thornton and how he provided the reason for him and Sarah Byrnes wrote the Crispy Pork Rinds. Dale was way behind all the others who were in the right grade but when his teachers tired to pass him his father came to the school and said no.

9 Dale was way behind all the others who were in the right grade but when his teachers tired to pass him because of his age his father came to the school and said no. Dale became a bully a school to everyone taking their lunch money, and nasty names. The first time he ran into Sarah, she talked about him and his mother. Almost everybody in town knew why Dale’s mother left him with his daddy. Dale’s mother had ran off with his uncle and never came back. But that didn’t matter to Dale he still wanted her lunch money. So she told him to take it and he punched her in the face but she never backed down. When Sarah didn’t give him the money he turned to Eric who he called her “fat friend”. Sarah told Eric that if he gave dale his money she would kill him herself. Instead of Dale hitting Sarah he said forget it and walked away. The next at school they began writing Crispy Pork Rinds.

10 Later that day Ellerby came to Eric house. They went up to his room and was listening to music.

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