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The Diary of a Young Girl

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1 The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl By Anne Frank

2 Anne was 13 years old and wrote in her secret diary
The time was World War 2 The German Nazis hated anyone of the Jewish faith The Nazis were sending all the Jews to concentration camps and killing them Anne and her family were Jewish They lived in Germany but moved to another country Holland to escape the Nazis

3 Then the Nazis came to Holland
Mr. Frank owned a business in Holland Anne and her family hid inside a secret area inside the business They were hiding from the Nazis They lived there for 2 years While there, Anne wrote daily in her diary, which is like a personal book or journal

4 She called her diary “Kitty”
Anne wrote in her diary about all sorts of things that happened to her everyday She began the diary just as they escaped into the secret area Her first pages described how they got to the secret passage and why they were hiding

5 Wed. July 8, 1942 Dear Kitty: I am glad to be alive. The Sunday before today, the Nazis called up Daddy to come for him. There was a letter that said so. Mummy went to see some friends of ours who would also be hiding with us, the Van Daan’s There would be 7 people in a small apartment

6 We were very scared My sister, Margot, and I were very worried about the fact that Daddy was to be sent to the concentration camp Then we found out the Nazis’ wanted Margot, not Daddy Margot was only 16- What would they want with her? We began to pack for the trip, only the things we just couldn’t live without

7 We did not know how long we would be on the trip
We packed books, clothes, combs, schoolbooks, old letters Daddy’s secretary, Miep, came to take a bunch of clothes away to the hiding place We couldn’t be seen with suitcases, or the Nazi’s would know we were trying to escape I was so worried and tired I fell asleep right away.

8 We left the next morning
We left our house early the next morning and wore all our clothes – layer upon layer. I had on 2 vests,3 pairs of pants, a dress, a skirt, a jacket, a summer coat, 2 pairs of stockings, a cap, a scarf and even more I was so HOT! It was July and I was dressed as if I were going to the North Pole

9 Margot rode off with her schoolbooks
My sister left as if she were on her way to school, but instead she followed Miep I said good bye to my cat- she would stay with the neighbor while we were gone We left our house a mess, the beds bare, breakfast dishes lying on the table We had to get away, to escape from the Nazis

10 Thursday July 9, 1942 We walked in the pouring rain, Daddy, Mummy and I, each with a school bag and shopping bag filled with food and books The people we passed looked at us with sorrow, they saw the yellow star the Nazis made us wear, to show we were Jews We had planned to leave on July 16th, but when the call-up for Margot came, they had to speed up the trip by 10 days

11 Daddy told me about the plan
He said he had been sending things to his secret place for months. He had only a few employees( people who worked for him) and they knew nothing of us hiding in the secret place at his office The office had a large open warehouse on the ground floor we used for a store Up the stairs there was an “Office”

12 There were many other rooms
Next to the “office” was a smaller room, and a kitchen, and a showroom There was a stair from the downstairs hallway, and a door on either side of the landing Behind the door on the right, was our Secret “annex” or hiding place Inside is another steep staircase

13 Inside the Annex were many rooms
We had a bathroom or Water Closet - WC Margot and I shared a room There was a sitting room that was also Mummy’s and Daddy’s bedroom The Van Daan’s also had their own bedroom We all shared a kitchen, living room and dining room

14 Friday July 10, 1942 When we got to the Annex, it was full of boxes and suitcases of our clothes, and our belongings Daddy and I started to put away all the things, while Mummy and Margot took a nap We never ate that day, as we were too tired and too busy

15 The next day was Tuesday
So much had happened in 2 days, and we had so much more to do. We had moved our life into a new place and needed for it to feel like home Daddy got the electricity going and Miep got our food from the store I didn’t have a chance to think about how my life had changed until Wednesday when I started writing in my diary

16 2 years later…. Anne and her family lived in their secret annex for 2 years until they were found by the German Nazis They were then taken to concentration camps and everyone, but Anne’s father, were killed Anne’s father found this diary after the war had ended and wanted to share it with the world, so he got it published to tell everyone what it was like to be in hiding, as a 13 year old girl.

17 the end

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