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SignTechVision Giving Wings to Your Business.

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1 SEO @ SignTechVision Giving Wings to Your Business

2 Agenda Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing (SMM) SEO – SMM Detailed Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ROI Tracking and Reports Summary

3 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) High web presence for a particular Keyword or Business Ensures that your website is ranked top for a particular Keyword or topic – Website Analysis – Keyword Research – On-site Optimization – Off-site Optimization

4 Social Media Marketing (SMM) Get the most effective and economical Brand Building and Targeted Traffic generation.  Targeted Visitors  Targeted Branding  High Online Presence  Higher Conversion & Interaction

5 Social Media Marketing Social Media/networking sites are growing each day –T–Through strategic viral marketing and expert SMO techniques on social and other networks, we deliver you with high conversion rates and targeted traffic. Certain Major SMs we market in And More…..

6 SEO – SMM Relation SEO and SMM campaigns are all about creating a successful Online Identity for better business Just having a website is not sufficient to get better business…. You got to “SEO” to reach more people Through our long-term marketing and optimization campaigns, which is highly focused on ROI metric, we guarantee you optimal results.

7 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) We provide viable geo-location branding and marketing SEM campaigns By “local classified” optimization and geo-viral marketing, we deliver very effective local sales conversions Geo-location PPC ad campaigns for guaranteed local targeted visitors

8 ROI Tracking and Report Additional expert assistance will be provided through out the campaign. Weekly status reports (ROI Tracked Report) are sent through email and SMS. We assign you a Web Adviser to send analysis reports and advices as required to maintain your online business ahead of compatitors.

9 Summary :What does this mean for my business ? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Presence  Hike your company’s presence and name on the web (reach more and more people)  Better online business ! Social Media Marketing (SMM) Social Marketing  Maximizes your brand name and targeted visitors (reach the right people)  Better interaction with the customers, increased feedbacks and conversions ! ROI Tracking and advice Web advisory  Get analysis and progress reports from the experts.  Very good long-term ROI ! Viral Marketing Campaign Offline Viral Marketing Spreading your brand name at a very fast pace very economically. Building our brand offline as well !

10 Reach Us… Contact Info: Ajith Sam John (SEO Specialist) Mob: 9747263475 Sam (Marketing & Content Development) Mob: 9037102221 Visit and find out more : Mail: We are always there to assist you in expanding your online frontiers ….

11 It’s all about results Thank You..

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