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How does Climate Change?

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1 How does Climate Change?
By: Mr. Leslie’s Class

2 Climates of the World Climate – is the average weather conditions in an over a long period of time. The climate of an area determines the kinds of plants and animals that can live there.

3 Tropical Climate Tropical Climate is hot and rainy.
It receives strong sunlight all year long. It is located directly north and south of the equator.

4 Temperate Climate Temperate Climate usually has warm, dry summers and cold, wet winters. The United States is a temperate climate zone.

5 Polar Climate Polar climate has very cold temperatures all through the year. Most places in polar climate zones have snow on the ground all year long What causes polar climate to be so cold? The poles receive the least amount of sunlight on earth.

6 Why is weather different?
The amount of sunlight an area receives has a large effect on its climate. How much sunlight an area receives depends on its latitude (or its distance north or south of the equator) High latitudes are farther from the equator. This allows less sunlight and colder temperatures. Oceans and lakes also make temperatures colder because it brings in wet weather.

7 Things that affect weather…
Water currents El Niño Wet and mild Oceans Wet weather Latitudes Less sunlight Altitude The Rocky Mountains Height above sea level Mountains Blocking air masses

8 Take a guess? Maine is at a high latitude. It has ________ and ________ weather. Florida is at a low latitude. It has _______ and _______ weather.

9 Do climates ever change?
Climates do not stay the same forever. Much of North America was covered by ice 20,000 years ago. Woolly Mammoths and saber-toothed tigers roamed the Great Plains.

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