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Why Do Climates Vary?.

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1 Why Do Climates Vary?

2 Latitude This means how far north or south a place is from the equator. The sun’s rays are concentrated at the equator but spread out at the poles.

3 Altitude This is the distance above sea-level. The higher the place is, the colder it will be because heat from the sun is reflected by the Earth’s surface. This reflected heat warms the lower layer of the atmosphere, so the higher up you go, the colder it will be.

4 Distance from the Sea In the summer, the sun heats the land quickly but it takes longer to heat up the water which is large and deep. However, the water stores heat for longer and so in winter, the temperature of the sea is warmer relative to the land and so keeps coastal places warmer.

5 Ocean Currents In winter, a warm ocean current called the North Atlantic Drift raises the temperatures in the west. You can grow palm trees in Devon!


7 Prevailing Winds These are the winds that blow most often.
Winds can affect temperature and precipitation. Winds blowing over tropical oceans bring warm and wet weather. Winds blowing from the poles and over land bring cold and dry weather.

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