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Science Fair Projects.

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1 Science Fair Projects

2 Science Fair Project There are many sections of a science fair project: Research Paper (Abstract, Literature Review, Purpose/Hypothesis, Materials, Experimental Procedure, Results, Conclusion, Documentation), Journal, and Research Proposal Other parts of Science Fair Project are a Poster and Presentation Science Fair Project is worth 10% of students course grade (Thus it is very important to do good on it)

3 Research Proposal In a research proposal one should :
Summarize what will be done in experiment Describe the experimental group(s) and control group Describe what you will be collecting for data. Be specific!! Explain what you will do to measure your dependent variable Include the number of trials you will do for each sample Refer to the main materials that you will be using Research proposal should be one whole paragraph Reaserch proposal should also include 3 sources of info Be sure to use spell check for proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling This section is worth 15 points!!!

4 Research Proposal Rubric
Problem statement and Sources are worth 3 points Identification is worth 2 points Proposed method ans materials are worth 12 points!!!

5 Abstract Abstract is a short summary of your experiment
Things that should be included in abstract are Problem statement, hypothesis, summary of method, and what was found through the experiment Abstract has to be between words, and it has to be written as one paragraph Abstract is worth 3 points

6 Literature Review Literature review is summary of information that you have gathered in library on your topic Literature review should be 3-4 pages long, and it should include parenthetical Literature review should give reader important information about the topic At the end of Literature review, you must conclude how your research has added to or supported your knowledge of your topic Literature review is worth 15 points!!!

7 Purpose/Hypothesis In this section you have to write about your hypothesis, and why you chose to do the study that you did Your hypothesis must be based on your Literature review, and it must include your independent and dependent variable This section must be 5-10 sentences long This section is worth 3 points

8 Materials In this section, you should include all of the materials you used during the experiment This section is worth 3 Points

9 Experimental Procedure
In this section you have to write about the method you followed for your experiment (be specific and include every little detail) If you had done any calculation during the experiment, you must explain how you did them You must write Experimental procedure in third person point of view (don't use “I” in this section) This section must be at least one page long This section is worth 9 Points

10 Results In this section, you must include all of your data (such as tables, graphs, written observations, pictures, and etc…) All tables and graphs should include titles, labels, and units of measurements This section is worth 9 Points

11 Journal Journal must contain entries that describe what was done on each day that project was worked on In addition, all data must be included in the journal

12 Conclusion In this section you should:
Discuss if your results support or do not support your hypothesis Refer back to actual data Explain what you learned through this experiment This section should be at least one and a half page long This section is worth 5 Points

13 Documentation In this section, you should list your sources in alphabetical order using MLA style You should have at least 3-5 sources (and you can only have one from internet) You should use books, magazines, and journals

14 General Requirements The research paper should include a title page with title of your study, name, date, teacher and class Create a table of content for your paper. Make sure that you number each page. Below the contents, write a short paragraph thanking people who contributed to your study. Place all of the pages in proper order: title page, table of contents/acknowledgement, research paper, and documentation The research paper should be typed or word-processed using 12-font and double spacing. Make sure that your report is neat, and double check all of your work

15 Poster The purpose of poster board is to present the major parts of your research to get people interested in reading your paper Use a freestanding piece of poster board that folds out Include that title/problem statement of your research in the middle of the poster board On the poster board include entire abstract and written summaries of the following parts of your research paper: Literature review (list facts), purpose, hypothesis, materials/procedure, data, and conclusion Poster must be neat, visually appealing, and informative

16 Presentation Your presentation must be 2-5 minutes long
During your presentation: Introduce your topic and explain the purpose of your research Identify your variables and state your hypothesis Describe what was done during the experiment, and include the materials you used Discuss the results, particularly your average results State your conclusion, and use your data to support your conclusion Identify two things (dealing with the procedure) that you would do to improve your study Explain whether your results supported, refuted, or added to your knowledge of your topic Answer questions posed by classmates and teacher Be sure: to make eye contact with audience Speak clearly and loudly Point to your poster answer all questions to best of your abilities This section is worth 20 points!!!

17 Overall rubric Research paper is worth 50 points
Organization, Abstract, Purpose/Hypothesis, Materials, are worth 3 points Literature Review & Citations of sources are worth 15 points Procedure and results are worth 9 points Conclusion is worth 5 points Presentation is worth 20 points Organization of poster, content of poster, quality of presentation, responses to questions are worth 5 Points Journal is worth 10 points Research proposal is worth 15 points Scientific methodology is worth 5 points

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