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Activity 1: Mental health. Describe the feeling Winning X Factor.

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1 Activity 1: Mental health

2 Describe the feeling Winning X Factor

3 Describe the feeling Losing your favourite pet

4 Describe the feeling Scoring the winning goal in the World Cup final

5 Describe the feeling Arguing with a friend

6 Describe the feeling Sitting an exam

7 Describe the feeling Winning the lottery

8 Feelings Bad afraid angry annoyed anxious bad confused depressed embarrassed envious excluded Bad frightened helpless hurt jealous lonely naughty nervous panicky scared selfish thoughtless upset worried Good amused brave calm cheerful cooperative determined enthusiastic excited fair fantastic fine friendly funny Good good happy healthy helpful jolly kind proud relieved smiling successful thoughtful victorious wonderful

9 ‘Stressful’ or ‘happy’?

10 Feelings We all deal with different feelings and emotions everyday. Sometimes these can be positive and easy to cope with, but other times they can be stressful and much harder to manage. The things that cause you worry or stress are often shared by many other young people and by talking to someone it can help to ease the problem.

11 Speed-dating You are going to describe two different things to different partners.

12 Speed dating It stresses me out when...

13 Speed dating It makes me happy when...

14 Stresses So what are common things that stress young people out? Exams Making and keeping friends Arguments with family Body image Changing body Knowing what you want to do Bullying

15 Maintaining mental health Here are five things that can help to maintain good mental health: 1.Feeling safe and looked after 2.Being able to give your opinions and have people listen to you 3.Giving positive attention to others (it could be a person or a pet) 4.Getting respect for stuff you are good at 5.Having help with money and finances Organise this list of five factors into order of importance. Complete independently, then in pairs, then with another pair.

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