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Summary of Recommendations Economic Commission for Africa Addis Ababa 15 July 2013.

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1 Summary of Recommendations Economic Commission for Africa Addis Ababa 15 July 2013

2 Present meeting an expanded EGM Aimed to improve ECA report (non-recurrent publication) Issues raised and recommendations will also feed into African Regional Review of APoA

3 Report of proceedings of EGM Improved report on assessment of status of implementation of trade and transport facilitation instruments and measures in Africa Contribution to Outcome Document of African Regional Review on APoA Contribution to global 10-year review conference of APoA in 2014

4 Geographical scope of report – beyond SSA: possibility of covering all 8 RECs recognised by AUC should be explore Consistency in use of terminology (eg. SADC vs. SACU) The need to place more attention to national legal instrument: present focus almost exclusively on International and RECs instruments Tables in the document should be improved to serve as effective M&E tools

5 Consider highlighting specific reasons for low implementation in tables Factual issues Conceptual issues/definitions have to be elaborated: for example free movement of people Southern Africa has many examples, especially in relation to corridor management that could improve the report

6 Inadequate capacity within RECs to implement mandate It is debatable if progress has been made in free movement of people The reality is that several departments are involve (transport, immigration, etc.) and tracking progress is difficult Problems related to visas for drivers/duration of visas is also very limited Development partners should provide more support to policy harmonisation Introduce system of NTB in West Africa More attention should be placed on road safety & HIV/AIDS

7 The concept of OSBP is well known but mixed results recorded in practice (Report could provide an inventory) Need to synchronise infrastructure development and operational issues Location of OSBP could be an issue OSBP between Togo and Burkina Faso, managed by private sector, has actually increased transport cost and number of controls (from 2 to 3) Equipment at OSBP not being used: underscores need for adequate consultations with all stakeholders Need for a prototype (template) legal framework for OSBP Collaboration between border agencies should be reinforced Review of legal and operational/management framework of OSBP would be helpful

8 Multiplicity of guarantees is a problem ECOWAS units in member states should be strengthened to support sensitisation of TF instruments at national level Impact of maritime law/regulations on landlocked countries should be assessed

9 Management of bilateral agreements – to ensure appropriate follow-up Scope of report could be expanded to better cover Central Africa, including issues related to River Congo Protection of revenue generation is a key contributing factor to non-implementation of trade facilitation instruments Private sector not sufficiently involved in drafting TF instruments – therefore not involved in domestication of good policies The cost of facilitation of trade should studied and clearly articulated

10 Lack of political will as an implementation challenge is being overstated (this is debatable) Problem could be more at the technical level – where officials who benefit from inefficient systems resist change Need to elaborate on the Maritime Charter and its evolution Domestication is a key challenge to implementation of instruments – linked to sovereignty and jurisdiction issues Countries interpret and apply conventions differently Over-reliance on donors is a constraint to implementation – donors focus on pilot projects and there is lack of continuity & ownership

11 Involve private sector in development and management of trade facilitation instruments Harmonise existing trade facilitation instruments – some of which contradict each other Need to harmonise cargo tracking systems

12 Inputs will be incorporated in report Factual issues will be addressed Success stories and lessons learnt will be incorporated in report

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