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CITEL September / 2009 Inter-American Telecommunication Commission.

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1 CITEL September / 2009 Inter-American Telecommunication Commission

2 Advisory entity of the OAS, specialized in telecommunications. Leading forum in the Hemisphere where governments and the private sector meet to work together and achieve common objectives in the telecommunications area by exchanging experiences and building a knowledge base in the Americas region. CITELs work approach emphasizes: Collaboration/coordination with regional/international telecommunication organizations, lending institutions, and development agencies Training on telecommunications for government officials and private sector executives Promotion of the achievement of common positions Determination of telecommunication priorities in the region CITEL

3 1 2 Regional/International Cooperation 5 Human Capacity Building 4 3 International Policy Coordination Technical harmonization Regulatory aspects Dissemination of information 6 CITEL acts in six main work areas 1 2 3 4 5 6 Cybersecurity Agenda for Connectivity ITU Conferences Spectrum Technical standards Licenses Equipment certification Publications, web page, Electronic Forum Knowledge transfer Priorities: New services, administrative policies

4 Organization Permanent Executive Committee (COM/CITEL) PCC.I Telecommunications PCC.II Radiocommunications including Broadcasting Secretariat Steering Committee Conference Preparatory Working Group P: Costa Rica VP: Mexico Members: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela ASSEMBLY OF CITEL P: Argentina VP: Brazil, Dominican Republic P: Venezuela VP: Uruguay P: Ecuador VP: Canada, Barbados, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Member States Member States and Associate Members SG/OAS

5 Sources of financing of CITEL Distribution of costs of CITEL in 2008 (US$) Regular Fund Specific funds Staff SalariesMeetings Administrative costsStaff salaries Regular Fund: Administrative costs Regular Fund: Staff salaries Specific funds

6 2009 Schedule of CITEL MeetingDatePlace WORKSHOP ON INTERNATIONAL ROAMING4 May 2009Cuzco, Peru XIV Meeting of PCC.I5-8 May 2009Cuzco, Peru 20/20 SPECTRUM SEMINAR1 June 2009Ottawa, Canada XIII Meeting of PCC.II2-5 June 2009Ottawa, Canada XIII Meeting of the Steering Committee (STE)July/August 2009 Via videoconference XVI Meeting of the Working Group for the Preparation of CITEL for Regional and World Radiocommunication Conferences 8 September 2009Santa Marta, Colombia SEMINAR ON REGIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE AND INTERCONNECTION OF INTERNET ACCESS NETWORKS 28 September 2009Bariloche, Argentina XV Meeting of PCC.I29 September to 2 October 2009Bariloche, Argentina XXIII Meeting of the Working Group to Prepare for the Meetings of the ITU Council20-30 October 2009Geneva, Switzerland SEMINAR ON SPECTRUM REQUIREMENTS FOR BROADBAND DEPLOYMENT9 November 2009Washington, D.C., USA XIV Meeting of PCC.II 10-13 November 2009Washington, D.C., USA XXI Meeting of COM/CITEL7-9 December 2009Washington, D.C., USA XXIV Meeting of the Working Group to Prepare for the Meetings of the ITU Council7-9 December 2009Washington, D.C., USA XVII Meeting of the Working Group for the Preparation of CITEL for Regional and World Radiocommunication Conferences 7-9 December 2009Washington, D.C., USA

7 2010, a year of many activities for CITEL V Meeting of the Assembly of CITEL Inter-American forum where the highest telecommunication authorities of the Member States may exchange views and experiences, taking appropriate decisions to direct their activity toward fulfilling the objectives and mandates assigned Mexico City, Mexico, 8-11 March 2010 Coordination and consolidation of Inter-American Proposals for the World Telecommunication Development Conference (Hyderabad, India – April/2010) and the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (Vera Cruz, Mexico, October/2010)

8 Clovis Baptista Executive Secretary of CITEL Tel: 202 458 3004 Thank you very much for your attention CP22884T

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