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Content Group Meeting Josef Herget/Silke Grossmann (IMAC) Project Team Group Meeting 2001-09-13.

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1 Content Group Meeting Josef Herget/Silke Grossmann (IMAC) Project Team Group Meeting 2001-09-13

2 2001/09Content Group Meeting2 Introduction Audit Content Provider Collections & Themes Data Management Use Cases & Needs Best Practise WP 1.1: State-of-the-Art The Framework Coordination with WP 1.3 Digitisation & Documentation Framework & Processes Standards & Guidelines WP 1.2: Content Plans In Progress Florence Content Selection & Preparation Concept of Themes Selection of Themes Working on Themes WP 2.1: Preparation of contents Next Phase On the basis of selected themes and in the framework of customized digitisation plans Nesessary:

3 2001/09Content Group Meeting3 Final decisions about themes & responsibilities Final decisions about contributions (working groups) Inventory of work done relevant to WP 1.2 & derivation of To Dos (Deadline: Sep 30!) Discussion of problems & further contributions The mission for today To be concrete... Individual presentations & discussions rounds

4 2001/09Content Group Meeting4 Agenda Part 1: Themes - Structures & Fragments 9:20Individual presentation on themes (MUS, MECH, KVA, ALI, ICCS, ONB) 10:45Coffee Break Part 2: Digitisation Plans 11:15Digitisation plans- Starting points, Models, Processes & Best Practises 13:00Lunch Break 14:00Digitisation plans - Continuation Open Round (until 15:45)Meetings in sub-groups

5 Part 1: Working on Themes Individual Presentations of Themes & Fragments 9:15 - 10:45

6 2001/09Content Group Meeting6 Individual presentations About 15 minutes per partner MUS: Masks & Amulets, Measuring, Leather MECH: Saints, Gilt Leather KVA: Linnaeus ALI: Graphic Art ICCS: East-European Art ONB: Habsbourg Final Theme List

7 2001/09Content Group Meeting7 Open Questions Presentations not scheduled? Suggestions etc. ? Handling of broad themes like graphic art Integration of regional art like Bulgarian Art Final Contributions Building of working groups on themes!? Handling of renamed themes

8 Part 2: Digitisation plans Starting points, Models, Processes & Best Practises Presentation of individual Tasks 11:15 - 15.45

9 2001/09Content Group Meeting9 Introduction Identification Selection... Focus: Different Levels of Digitisation (e. g. partly, complete) Models Processes Tools & Confi- guration Best- Practises How-to- Manual Complete new digitisation into REGNET system Configuration Framework Modules needed for digitisation Customized digitisation Plans Module- oriented approach Tools & Configuration Standards Description Format Storage Type TextImageAudio... AMICO... Metadata Indexing... XML... OnlineCDDiscette... Best-Practises Partner Existing methods, tools, experiences... Module 1... Module 2 Module 3Module 4Module 5 Migration of existing digitisation into REGNET system Co-existence between existing digitisation in different systems WP 1.2: The concept for digitisation (Work in progress)

10 2001/09Content Group Meeting10 Last Steps A. Preparation B. Digitisation & Description C. Post- Processing The digitisation process 1. Planning 2. Preparation 3. Framework 1. Scanning & Storing 2. Describing Resulting Tasks 1. Description of models 2. Description of digitisation processes 3. Best-Practises 4. Tools & Configuration 5. How-to-Manual 6. Customized digitisation plan for all regional content providers 7. Concept of regional digitisation centres Individual Presentations

11 2001/09Content Group Meeting11 Agenda 11:15Individual Presentations Models for digitisation(AIT) Processes & Best practises (MUS) Best practise(ONB) How to?(IMAC) 13:00Lunch Break 14:00Digitisation plans - Continuation Open Round Status reports (SUL, CC, IAT, ZEUS) Open questions, white spots,... Meetings in sub-groups 15:45Coffee Break (including Alinari Tour)

12 2001/09Content Group Meeting12 Open Round Open Questions White Spots Meeting in sub-groups Goal: Finish work in order to document in D1! Preparing of short presentations for Friday!

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