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The New Health Law: What It Means for New Hampshire.

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1 The New Health Law: What It Means for New Hampshire

2 About NH Voices for Health A network of advocacy organizations, consumers & small businesses committed to expanding access to quality, affordable health care Representing 200,000 consumers statewide Our activities: Convening stakeholders Sharing information and promoting a public dialog Expanding the states advocacy capacity Advancing savvy and meaningful policy changes on the state and federal level

3 Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act: A Historic Milestone A century in the making Builds on & strengthens our current health care system Strengthens and expands coverage options Makes coverage more affordable Makes coverage more stable & higher quality Invests in health care cost control, quality, workforce, public health & equity

4 Strengthening and Expanding Coverage Options Strengthens public programs Medicaid – Federal funding for expanded eligibility and improved reimbursement Medicare – Improved preventive care, closing the donut hole and extending the solvency of the trust fund CHIP / Healthy Kids Silver – Extended & increased federal funding Streamlined enrollment

5 Strengthening and Expanding Coverage Options Expands access to private coverage Can keep the coverage you have Access regardless of health status / history Extended family coverage for young adults Improved access / choice through the Exchange Web portal

6 Making Coverage More Affordable Reigns in excessive and wasteful costs – Promotes preventive care & efficiency – Strengths premium rate review – Limits administrative spending Makes premium charges more equitable Reducing cost shifting

7 Making Coverage More Affordable Provides assistance for working families and small businesses – Individual premium subsidies & cost-sharing assistance – Small business tax credits & grants

8 Making Coverage More Stable & Higher Quality No benefit limits No rescissions Cost-sharing limited & no cost-sharing for preventive services Waiting periods limited Essential health benefits package Transparency of information

9 Shared Responsibility Based on the notions that: – The system works best when everyone is in it – We have an employer-based coverage system Must purchase coverage if its affordable to you – Various exemptions and waivers Expectation that employers provide coverage – Does not apply to small employers

10 Other Investments Health care cost control Health care quality Health care equity Public health Health care workforce

11 Example: Personal Story Your child is now a young adult, but unable to get a job that provides health coverage and they do not qualify for public coverage. You are worried because your son or daughter requires regular medical attention.

12 Under the New Health Law … The new health law allows young adults to stay on parents plans up to age 26 Expanded eligibility reimbursements may allow them to enroll in subsidized plans on their own (including cost-sharing) New regulations prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre- existing conditions will ensure they are able to access potential health plans

13 Example: Personal Story Your child has a chronic illness which makes them more susceptible to health problems. Your primary insurance has cost sharing at 80/20 but your family is concerned about being able to afford frequent visits to the doctor and/or hospital.

14 Under the New Health Law … Free preventative care (which will help lower additional visits to the hospital, especially for those with weakened immune systems) Cost-sharing provisions The end of discrimination based on pre-existing conditions gives families more flexibility to change insurers to a plan that might be a better fit

15 Next Steps: The Work Continues Public education – People can only benefit from the new health law if they know whats in it – People support the law when they know the details How you can be involved – Letters to the Editor, op-eds – Talk to your neighbors and friends

16 Next Steps: The Work Continues Decisions continue to be made – Federal & state level challenges – Federal & state level implementation How you can be involved – Join our email list, attend meetings – Attend hearings, contact elected officials – Share your story!

17 For More Information… NH Voices for Health: join our mailing lists for updates and attend our public learn about the law and search coverage options Kaiser Health Reform Gateway: learn about the law

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