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The New Health Law: What it Means for NH Small Businesses.

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1 The New Health Law: What it Means for NH Small Businesses

2 About NH Voices for Health A network of advocacy organizations, consumers & small businesses committed to expanding access to quality, affordable health care Representing 200,000 consumers statewide Our activities: Convening stakeholders Sharing information and promoting a public dialog Expanding the states advocacy capacity Advancing savvy and meaningful policy changes on the state and federal level

3 Making Health Insurance More Accessible You can keep the coverage you have Exchange Transparency, choice, competition, pooled & simplified purchasing and portability Web portal Access regardless of health status / history Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Pool Extended family coverage for young adults Improved access to Medicaid

4 Making Coverage More Affordable Small business tax credits – For for-profits and non-profits – calculator/index.php calculator/index.php Individual premium & cost-sharing subsidies – Including for the self-employed – Employee Free Choice voucher

5 Early Retiree Reinsurance Strengthening premium rate review Limiting rating factors Reducing cost-shifting Reigning in excessive and wasteful costs Limiting administrative spending Making Coverage More Affordable

6 Other Investments Simplified cafeteria plans Workplace wellness program grants Health care cost control Tort reform

7 Improvements for NH Families: Strengthening Private Coverage Access regardless of health status / history No benefit limits No rescissions Waiting periods limited Essential health benefits package Cost-sharing limited No cost-sharing for preventive services Transparency of information

8 Improvements for NH Families: Strengthening Public Programs Medicaid Federal funding for expanded eligibility Improved reimbursement Medicare Improved preventive care Closing the donut hole Extending the solvency of the trust fund CHIP / Healthy Kids Silver Extended & increased federal funding

9 Shared Responsibility Based on the notions that: – The system works best when everyone is in it – We have an employer-based coverage system Expectation that large employers contribute toward coverage – Does not apply to small employers Individuals must purchase coverage if its affordable to you – Various exemptions and waivers

10 Decision-Making Continues Strengthening the law – 1099 provision – NonProfit tax credit disparity Implementation – Federal and State – Exchange

11 For More Information… Join our mailing lists for updates and information about our public meetings Facts & FAQ about the new law and tax credit calculator Business fact sheets, timeline and tool to search for coverage General health insurance information for small businesses

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