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1 Dragon ® NaturallySpeaking ® Professional Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Education.

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1 1 Dragon ® NaturallySpeaking ® Professional Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Education

2 When Calling Customer Service When Capturing and Processing Patient Data When Capturing and Sharing Documents When Interacting with Products and Services When Using Mobile Devices Nuance - Enhancing Customer Experiences Technology & Solutions

3 The World’s Premier Speech Recognition Solution

4 How Does Speech Recognition Work?

5 Dragon NaturallySpeaking is changing the way you use your computer, create documents, send email and even navigate the web, just by using your voice! Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11: The time in now! It works! – delivers up to 99% accuracy Saves time! Faster than typing Easy to use with most Windows & web applications

6 6 Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Education Save time doing ordinary daily tasks including creating lecture notes and handouts, creating presentations, and sending emails. –Full integrated with all Microsoft Office apps –Even do this on the go!

7 7 Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Education Meet diverse learning and accessibility needs –Support for multiple learning styles –Support for English Language Learners –Support for students with physical and learning disabilities –Support for individuals with Repetitive Stress Injuries

8 8 Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Education Use/Teach industry standard tools –Dragon NaturallySpeaking is recognized leader in business, medical and legal industries –Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking will prepare students for their future careers.

9 9 Using Speech Recognition to Improve Communication Skills Reading ●Oral Reading Efficiency ●Word Identification ●Sight Vocabulary ●Fluency ●Comprehension Writing ● Composition ● Grammar skills ● Vocabulary Speaking ● Pronunciation ● Enunciation ● Articulation

10 10 Listening with Speech Recognition Read that –Allows students to listen and follow what is being read on the screen –Reinforces word pronunciation Play that back –Allows students to hear their own voice and self-access –(Used in ELL Pre-Production, Early Production Stages)

11 11 Applications: Microsoft Word Quickly creating documents, editing/grading papers –Direct commands for bold, underline, italicize, copy, delete… Plus commands for bullets, centering/aligning, pasting… –Insert page breaks, page numbers, footnotes… –Apply Styles (Heading 1, Normal) and create Table of Contents –Use commands for MS Word’s “Outline” feature –Use Tracked Changes –Insert Comments Save even more time with boilerplate “macro commands”. Opening, saving, printing (and print preview), closing –Zoom, spell-check…

12 12 Benefits of Learning to Use Speech Recognition  Next Generation of Inputting Skill  Increases Productivity  Improves Communication Skills—Reading, Writing & Speaking  Prevent Injuries  Prepares Students For Increased Employment Demands

13 13 What Educators Are Saying About Dragon NaturallySpeaking The Best Speech Recognition Software in the World –Don W. – “Until I started using Dragon Naturally Speaking in my classroom, I thought that I had seen it all. As an Elementary teacher, I find that Dragon is very versatile. I use a digital projector and Dragon for many of my lessons. What’s so cool about Dragon is that it allows me to create exciting lessons on-the-fly with students. Students dictate sentences to me and then I repeat them so that they magically appear before my 3rd graders eyes. They are so impressed that they are all picking up on the commands used for dictation” –Paul S. “ It's 7 a.m. on a Tuesday morning I've just arrived at my classroom and waiting by the door is one of my students who has only been in this country a few years. He's not waiting for a detention; he's waiting for me to turn on my computer, put on my headset, and speak his essay into a Word document using Dragon NaturallySpeaking”

14 14 What Educators Are Saying About Dragon NaturallySpeaking-cont. Paul S. cont. “As class progresses we have completed an outline of an essay. I put on the headset and begin dictating my essay directly into the computer. As though it's magic my essay is displayed on my big-screen TV. My room of 35, street smart eighth-graders, sits in rapt attention as I quickly write, and model, the essay I expect them to produce. Later that day I open up Dragon NaturallySpeaking and write a letter of recommendation for one of my colleagues who is applying to a leadership program at the local university. As my teaching day is now over, I use the program to prepare the next day's lessons. Before I leave school that night, I open an Excel file where I keep the local high school basketball team information and statistics that I use in my volunteer job as the local basketball announcer. Before I wrap it up for the night I use the program to answer my personal e-mail.” “Dragon NaturallySpeaking has not only helped me become a better teacher, it has helped hundreds of students who pass through my classroom every year.”

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