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Australian Report -- The view from down under

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1 Australian Report -- The view from down under
Tasso Tzioumis Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science RAFCAP2010 – Mitaka June 2010

2 Radio Telescopes

3 LBA Radio Telescopes in Australia
x Katherine x ASKAP x Yarragadee x New Norcia LBA includes the ATNF telescopes plus those run by University of Tasmania at Hobart and Ceduna (SA), Tidbinbilla near Canberra (part of NASAs Deep Space Network). The ESA dish at New Norcia, north of Perth may also be included in the future. Also the AuScope geodetic antennas (12m) at Hobart, Yarragadee & Katherine. x CSIRO.

4 New Radio Telescopes - Auscope
AuScope VLBI Project 3 new antennas Geodetic/astrometric VLBI observations – IVS Advanced construction

5 New Radio Telescopes – ASKAP & NZ
First ASKAP antenna (from planned 36) 12m antenna; Alt-Az mount 3rd axis motion for polarisation Very fast: 4 degs/second Interim VLBI system at 1400 MHz NZ Warkworth antenna 12m antenna; Alt-Az mount Similar to AuScope Very fast: 4 degs/second Interim VLBI system at 1400 MHz

6 Latest image for LBA + NZ + 1st ASKAP antenna Centaurus A

7 Spectrum Issues

8 “Radio sensitive zones” in Australia
Radio Act review 2002 – “radio sensitive zones” Notification and coordination - no protection Regulatory RALI (2006) covers all Oz RA sites (MS31) Studies by ACMA (administration)

9 Notification Zone Parameters
Limits derived from RA.769 (+ ~10-15 dB) & VLBI Propagation models from P.526 (Diffraction) and terrain models.

10 Management of Radio Notification Zones
contact: Group for RFI and Spectrum issues RALI MS31 – response within 1-week Includes all existing radio telescopes in Australia ~ average 1 notification /month Work Collaboratively with Tx proponents Works very well in practice Latest example Network by Transgrid (power distribution company) Fixed links at ~6.5 GHz Proposed 6660 MHz link at 35 km to Parkes Could affect Methanol observations at 6.7 GHz Moved channel allocation to not impact methanol Informal s & phone calls

11 Murchison Radio Observatory

12 Murchison Radio Observatory
gazetted towns: 0 population: “up to 160”

13 MRO (SKA) site protection
Multi-layered protection Ownership and control of central area (Boolardy) EMI controls Mineral resource management area – state govt Radio Quiet Zone Embargo 41 (since 2005) RALI MS32 (since 2007) (available from ACMA website) Preserve, maintain and enhance radio-quieteness Pathfinders now (ASKAP, MWA,…) SKA in future

14 Embargo 41 In force since 2005 No new assignments in the range 100‑230 MHz within 150 km radius of the centre point of the RQZ. No new assignments in the range 230 MHz‑25.25 GHz within 100 km radius of the centre point. Applies to all apparatus licensed, coordinated terrestrial stations and earth stations within the specified zone. (Grand-fathering allowed…) Exceptions require a case-by-case consideration and approval of the Manager, Spectrum Planning and Engineering Section of the ACMA.

15 SKA RQZ in Australia Studies & definition by ACMA & CSIRO
RALI MS32 - in force since 24/9/2007

16 RALI MS 32 distances >230 MHz restricted 100-230 MHz restricted
MHz coordination

17 Oz RQZ procedures From RALI MS32

18 Radiocommunications Act (1992)
Governs all telecommunications in Australia Radio astronomy already recognised Section 21 Astronomical and meteorological observations This Act applies to a radio emission in connection with making astronomical or meteorological observations in the same way as it applies to a radiocommunication. Wide scope for making regulations Section 314 Regulations …… (2) ….. the regulations may make provision in relation to: (a) prohibiting or regulating any act or thing likely to cause interference, or risk of interference, to radiocommunications; or (b) prohibiting or regulating making of radio emissions from a place within a specified area; or …..

19 Next steps Maintain and strengthen RQZ
EMI Radiocommunications Use Radcommunications Act (1992) to: Enact new regulations as needed Strengthen/streamline current provisions New legislative instruments ? Political support ACMA critical to success Work with the regulator not against it!!

20 Thank you! Questions? Tasso Tzioumis
Contact Us Phone: or Web: Thank you! Questions? Tasso Tzioumis

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