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Primary and Secondary Sources Notes Guide and Quiz.

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1 Primary and Secondary Sources Notes Guide and Quiz

2 Primary Sources  A primary source is a document, speech, or other sort of evidence written, created or produced during the time under study. Primary sources offer an inside view of a particular event.

3 Examples of primary sources:  Original documents: autobiographies, diaries, e-mail, interviews, letters, minutes, news film footage, official records, photographs, raw research data, speeches  Creative works: art, drama, films, music, novels, poetry  Relics or artifacts: buildings, clothing, DNA, furniture, jewelry, pottery

4 Secondary Sources  Secondary sources provide interpretation and analysis of primary sources. Secondary sources are one step removed from the original event or "horse's mouth." Secondary Source Primary Source Primary Sources Primary Source

5 Examples of secondary sources:  Encyclopedias  Biographies  Critic’s review analyzing a play, poem, novel, or short story  Magazine or newspaper articles about events or people  Political analysis of an election or politician

6 Primary or Secondary Sources?

7 1. Primary or Secondary? (Primary – even though it’s a photograph of the actual document)

8 2. Primary or Secondary? (Secondary – the people who wrote it didn’t live the history)

9 3. Primary or Secondary? (Primary)

10 4. Primary or Secondary?  3638967330513406794&ei=1S1iSfGYE4 6cqALgsdX2Cw&q=obama+acceptance 3638967330513406794&ei=1S1iSfGYE4 6cqALgsdX2Cw&q=obama+acceptance 3638967330513406794&ei=1S1iSfGYE4 6cqALgsdX2Cw&q=obama+acceptance This is a link to a video as you can see – it’s Obama’s acceptance speech. Speeches are primary. A video of it is the same.

11 5. Primary or Secondary?  Article about John F. Kennedy from Time Magazine printed July 2, 2007. He died November 23, 1963, so he couldn’t have written it about himself. So it’s secondary.

12 6. Primary or Secondary? Primary

13 7. Primary or Secondary? Secondary – another Author is given

14 8. Primary or Secondary? Even though it has been translated from another language, and it isn’t the actual diary, it is still her Experiences and she is the Author. Primary.

15 9. Primary or Secondary? Photographs are a great Primary source.

16 10. Primary or Secondary? ( Marriage certificate – primary) Marriage certificate – primary.

17 11. Primary or Secondary? Marriage Certificate - Primary

18 12. Primary or Secondary?  Your Teacher?  The answer is “both.” When would your teacher be a primary source? When would they be a secondary source? All of us are primary and secondary sources every day!

19 13. Primary or Secondary? Primary

20 14. Primary or Secondary? Mostly secondary – it talks about the paintings. However, the photographs could be primary.

21 15. Primary or Secondary? This map was created by explorers who sailed around the continents And created this map the best they knew how. Even though it is not completely accurate, it was created from their own experiences, so it Is primary.

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