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Trade Networks of Africa and Asia

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1 Trade Networks of Africa and Asia
A Changing World How is the world changing during this time? How do you think this will effect people traveling? Trade Networks of Africa and Asia

2 First Global Age Long-distance trade and traveled increased dramatically in the 1400s

3 Islam 600s new religion in Arabia Prophet Muhammad
People followed the Quran (Koran) Muslims

4 Trade Trade spread Islam Sailed from Middle East to Indian ocean

5 Silk Road “Highway” from Asia to the Middle East Lots of desert
Traveled in caravans Groups of people who traveled together for safety

6 Africa City-State is a large town that has its own government and controls the surrounding countryside

7 Africa Savanna: a region of grasslands Timbuktu: major trading center
Mali huge kingdom


9 Songhai Empire [15c-16c] SALT GOLD

10 Africa Extended Families: Several generations live in one household
Kinship: common ancestor

11 China Emperor: center of power
1400s China begins building huge fleets of ships Zheng He discovers America? 1421 Maps of North America drawn by Chinese

12 China Chinese Ships much larger than Europeans ships
A new emperor ends the voyages because he doesn’t see it as important

13 Europe Middle Ages: Feudalism: system of rule by lords who rules their land but people owe loyalty and military service to a monarch


15 Europe During the middle ages the Roman Catholic Church played a huge role The church was the source of education Clergy were often the only people who could read and write

16 Europe 900s life began to change for peasants
New methods of farming to produce more food Warfare declined and trade grew

17 Europe Crusades Series of wars fought between Christians and Muslims for control of the Holy Land People now were venturing out of Europe The growth of trade to the Middle East New Experience of spices, silks and Asian foods

18 Europe Renaissance: French for rebirth A time with great learning
New inventions German printing press Gutenberg was invented

19 Europe People wanted new trade routes to Asia

20 Europe Portuguese Voyages Explored coast of Africa
King Henry encouraged exploration Designed new ship the caravel Ship with triangular sails and a steering rudder Could sail into the wind Explored coast of Africa Vasco da Gama sailed around the Cape of Good Hope of Africa

21 Europe Portuguese explored coast of Africa
Vasco da Gama sailed around the Cape of Good Hope of Africa

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