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به نام یکتای هستی بخش درس ریزپردازنده یک گروه دکتر ثنایی جلسه اول.

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Presentation on theme: "به نام یکتای هستی بخش درس ریزپردازنده یک گروه دکتر ثنایی جلسه اول."— Presentation transcript:

1 به نام یکتای هستی بخش درس ریزپردازنده یک گروه دکتر ثنایی جلسه اول

2 About the Course At the end of this course you will: Get familiar with 8086 and its family evolutions. Get a basic knowledge of all new microprocessors architecture. Know how to integrate projects of a single board system using 8086. Be able to implement a practical project with PC.

3 The Layers of Computer systems Added Value Increasing Hardware Software Brainware

4 Hardware Data Security Software Networking


6 The Layers of computer systems Application ERP, CRM, Billing, Customer Care IT Infrastructure Hardware (Server, Storage, Cabling, O/S, …) SUN, HP, IBM, MICROSOFT, EMC, ADIC Middleware Database, Data Flow Management, BPM,… ORACLE, CITRIX, BEA

7 PC types and usages Normal PC IPC MPCPC-104 Biscuit PC

8 Approach to a project Project S.B.CPU PC Microprocessors MicrocontrollersFPGA 8-bits 8080 8085 Z80 6800[2/4] 6502[10] 16-bits 8086 80286 MC68000 Z8000 32-bits and above 80386 80486 PENTIUM MC6820[30] … Intel Motorola 8-bits16-bits 8031/51 8032/52 8048/49 6801 6803 80196 Normal PC IPC MPC PC-104 Biscuit PC …

9 Typical Single Board CPU CPU RAM Timer/ Counter I/O PORT Serial Port A/D D/A ROM … LED 7Segment K/B LCD Stepper Motor FDD HDD Monitor Printer Another CPU … Simple Devices Complex Devices Intelligent Devices μP(8085,Z80) μC(8051,2)

10 16-bits CPU's Advantages over 8-bits CPU: 1- Processing Speed 2-Memory Larger (More than 64KB Memory) WiderByte(8bits)Word(16bits)DWord(32bits) 3-I/OMore I/Os256B64KB New Technologies Architecture

11 16-bits CPU's Advantages over 8-bits CPU: 5-Multi Processing 6-Software advantages Modular Programming Segmentation 4-Interrupts (INT i) Hardware Software

12 Why we need low level programming? An example USER O/S CPU BIOS UART (8250) MODEM PSTN/PSDN High Baud rate: 28800 33600 …

13 ORG 100 BethaDB7CH AlphaDB4FH GammaDW1F00H TempDS100 7CH 4FH 00H 1FH - -...... 100 101 102 103 104 105 203 100 bytes RAM Example of data structure in memory:

14 SEGMENTATION: I.V.T. Reset Address CODE DATA STACK 00000H 00400H FFFF0H FFFFFH Segment 16B < L < 64KB

15 Modular Programming:  Modular programming means that each part of a program with an “End” at the end of it, is written by a separate programmer. A End B End C End D End E End

16 Reset Execute Last inst ? Fetch Decode End No Yes 8 bit Microprocessor F1F1 E1E1 D1D1 F2F2 D2D2 E2E2 F3F3 … Pipelining F1F1 F2F2 F3F3 E1E1 E2E2 … E3E3 …

17 SP BP Si Di AHALAX BHBLBX CHCLCX DHDLDX CS (Code Seg) DS (Data Seg) ES (Extra Seg) SS (Stack Seg) IP (Inst. Pointer) Execution Unit Bus Interface Unit ALU (16) 16 015 0 Queue FIFO 20 Internal Bus (Stack Pointer) (Base Pointer) (Source index) (Destination index) Flag 015 Adder

18 24 26 27 28 25 29 30 31 BHE/S7 ALE A18 / S5 A17 / S4 A19 / S6 A16 / S3 AD0-AD15 NMI INTR Test RD 32 MN / MX 33 Min Mode Single Processing Max Mode Multi Processing 16 VCC GND Clk Reset Ready 8284 RD1RD2 8086 QS1 RQ/GT1 RQ/GT0 Lock S2 S1 S0 QS0 Max INTA HOLD HLDA WR M/IO DEN ALE Min DT / R

19 Differences between 8086 & 8088 : 80888086 8 bit16 bitData Bus 4 byte6 byteQueue SS0BHE / S7Pin 34 IO / M Pin 28 (in Min Mode)

20 Multi processing Max mode  Loosely coupled  Closely coupled

21 Main CPU 808X 8087 Co-Processor 8089 I/O Processor S.M.

22 Resource sharing CPU 8086 80878089 I/O Processor CPU  8087 8087  CPU CPU  8089 8089  CPU RQ/GT0

23 Loosely Coupled 8086... 8289 Bus Arbitrator Shared Memory BUS

24 Min Mode H/W config : I < 1.6mA 16mA D0-D15 A0-A19 NMI INTR Test GND Clk Reset Ready 8284 RD1RD2 8086 VCC DT/R DEN MN / MX OE STB 3 * 8282 ALE A18 / S5 A16 / S3 A17 / S4 A19 / S6 BHE/S7 BHE 2 * 8286 OE DIR AD0. AD15 AD0-AD15

25 Max Mode H/W config : S0 S1 S2

26 INTA HOLD DT/R HLDA WR M/IO DEN ALE Min QS1 RQ/GT1 RQ/GT0 Lock S2 S1 S0 QS0 Max Differences between Min mode and Max mode

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