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Revising First Drafts What Does It Mean to Revise?

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1 Revising First Drafts What Does It Mean to Revise?

2 Revision Process Concentrate on the Ideas Make sure you have made all important points about your subject. Make sure your audience can understand your ideas.

3 Getting Started with Revision Read and Review Read your first draft two or three times. Read it out loud. Think about your writing as you read. Does it follow your plan? Does it say what you want it to say? Look for the strong points. Put a * next to parts that you like. Look for weak parts – put a check mark next to parts that need work

4 Revision Does my writing focus on an interesting part of my subject or on a certain feeling I have about it? Does the information in my writing follow a method of organization? Do I need to add any information? Do I need to add details to make my beginning clearer or more interesting? Did I vary my sentence beginnings? Did I use grade appropriate sentences (compound/complex)? Did I use grade level vocabulary? Do I need to add ideas to support my thesis? Do I need to make my closing more effective?

5 Revision Do I need to cut any information? Do any of the details not belong? Do I repeat myself in any parts? Do I say too much about a certain idea? Get rid of filler Filler is any information you do not need. It bogs down your writing. Cut all information that does not Develop your focus Make your main points clearer Support your thesis or argument Advance the action of your story.

6 Revision Do I need to rewrite any parts? Do some sentences sound unclear? Did I keep my verbs in the same verb tense? Did I correct passive voice verbs? Incorrect: The poem was written by Anne Bradstreet. (passive voice) Correct: Anne Bradstreet wrote the poem. (active voice) Do I need to reword any explanations?

7 Revision Do I need to reorder any parts? Do any ideas or details seem out of place? Does the most important point come near the beginning or near the end? Do I use a chronological order? Do I use the correct form for compare/contrast? Did I include transition words between paragraphs?

8 Revision Check your opening and ending. A good opening hooks readers and makes them want to read. A good ending leaves the reader with something to think about… a scene, a comment, a question, etc.

9 Revision Revise for Voice Match voice to your purpose.

10 Editing an Proofreading When editing and proofreading, pay attention to the following three traits of effective writing: smoothness, word choice, and correct, accurate copy. Sentence smoothness: Make sure that your sentences lead readers smoothly from one point to the next. Word Choice: Change any troublesome or overused words to improve the overall quality of your writing. Correct, Accurate Copy: Carefully check your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

11 Editing Checklist Sentence Structure Did I write clear and complete sentences? Check for fragments and run-on sentences. Did I add style to my sentences? Out of style: A surplus of calories is necessary for growth in children. In Style: Children need plenty of calories for growth. Place subjects and verbs close to each other

12 Editing Checklist Word Choice and Usage Did I use specific nouns and verbs and colorful adjectives? Did I use the correct word (to, too, two; there, their, they’re; then, than?)

13 Editing Checklist Punctuation Does each sentence have end punctuation? Did I use commas and apostrophes correctly? Did I use semicolons correctly? Did I punctuate dialogue correctly?

14 Editing Checklist Capitalization Did I start all of my sentences with capital letters? Did I capitalize the names of important people and places? Did I capitalize all proper adjectives, for example, English, Spanish, etc.?

15 Editing Checklist Grammar Did I use the correct form of verbs? Do all the subjects and verbs agree? Did I write plural nouns correctly?

16 Editing Checklist Spelling Did I check for spelling errors? Did I check for typos? Did I check for errors that spell check may have missed?

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