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Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0September 2008 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 1 Editors Meeting (September) Date: 2008-09-09 Authors:

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1 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0September 2008 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 1 Editors Meeting (September) Date: 2008-09-09 Authors:

2 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 2 Abstract / Agenda Roll Call / Contacts / Reflector Publication Work Plan Alignment Process to the new amendments (11k & 11r) Amendment Ordering / ANA Status / Draft Snapshots Lessons Learned Numbering of Annexes Baseline Text Dependencies Conference Calls Editorial Streamlining Projects September 2008

3 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 3 Roll Call 802.11 Editors Present –P802.11n Amendment (HT) – Adrian Stephens –P802.11p Amendment (WAVE) – Wayne Fisher –P802.11s Amendment (MESH) – Tony Maida –P802.11y Amendment (CBP) – Peter Ecclesine –P802.11w Amendment (SEC) – Nancy Cam-Winget –P802.11z Amendment (TDLS) – Menzo Wentink, pro temp –P802.11u Amendment (IW) -- Necati Canpolat –P802.11v Amendment (WNM) – Emily Qi –P802.11aa Amendment (VTS) – Hang Liu 802.11 Editors Not Present –All here! Also present: –Clint Chaplin, Jon Rosdahl, Bill Marshall IEEE Staff present IEEE Staff not present and always welcome! –Michelle Turner – staff editor for 802, –Kim Breitfelder – manager publishing, –Michael Kipness – our staff liaison, Note: editors request that an IEEE staff member should be present at least during Plenary meetings September 2008

4 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0September 2008 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 4 Volunteer Editor Contacts TGn – Adrian Stephens – TGp – Wayne Fisher – TGs – Tony Maida – TGu – Necati Canpolat – TGv – Emily Qi – TGw – Nancy Cam-Winget – TGy – Peter Ecclesine – TGz – Menzo Wentink– (permanent editor position open) TGmb – Not yet determined TGaa – Hang Liu – Editor Emeritus: –TGk – Joe Kwak– –TGr – Bill Marshal– –TGT – Tom Alexander –

5 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Reflector Updates Each editor is expected to be on the reflector and current. If you didnt receive the meeting notice from the reflector, please send email to To be updated: –None –All present receiving reflector traffic –No email address changes requested September 2008 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 5

6 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0September 2008 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 6 IEEE Publication Status IEEE 802.11-2007 published and for sale on IEEE web –Published in June 2007 –Combines all existing amendments and includes maintenance work by TGma Publications completed for 802.11k and 802.11r 11n has gone through Mandatory Editorial Coordination (08-1045)

7 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Alignment Process for 802.11k & 802.11r The 08/0644r2 Numbering Spreadsheet has all changes from publication of 11k and 11r (and 11y D11.0 and 11n D6.01) September 2008 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 7

8 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Amendment & other ordering notes Editors define publication order independent of working group public timelines: –Since official timeline is volatile and moves around –Publication order helps provide stability in amendment numbering, figures, clauses and other numbering assignments –Editors are committed to maintain a rational publication order Numbering spreadsheet 08/0644: –Succeeding amendments to do their respective updates –Must match the official timeline September 2008

9 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Publications: lessons learned When quoting baseline text inaccurately, the baseline text is changed whether or not the changes were marked. The IEEE staff will actually do the appropriate changes as if the task group had actually intended to change the baseline. –Drafts can minimally quote baseline text to minimize such changes –Should revisit the decision to include full context during insertion Full Annex titles have to be shown in the amendment; more importantly included normative vs. informative –TGk inadvertently changed Annex A to be fully informative –TGr battled to fix Annex A but caused ripples –In editors operations manual and during balloting, should comment that Annexes should be fully titled with good reason to vote No in balloting Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 9 September 2008

10 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Publications: lessons learned (contd) Acronym rules are inconsistent –Styleguide doesnt include definitions –Every document is treated as standalone, thus first acronym reference must be spelled out. Even though, other amendments or baseline may have defined and used the acronym earlier. –Goal should be to have as few changes between the final balloted amendment and final published amendment. How do we deal with subjective decisions made by the IEEE copy editors as their styles vary? Booleans should be capitalized: TRUE and FALSE –Values are set to vs. is (raise the issue with Style Guide update) Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 10 September 2008

11 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Publication Work Plan Note: to be included in the editors operations manual Here is the workflow we have used for a number of years with IEEE staff on publication of 802.11 publications: 1.Editors provide FRAME source and any freestanding graphics to staff at time of REVCOM submission. – DONE for both 802.11k and 802.11r. 2.Editors provide a list of requests editorial corrections no later than REVCOM approval date. – Not yet done by either editor. 802.11k is almost ready for submission. The 802.11r editor intends to wait until reviewing a publication draft for 802.11k to submit the draft since it is very dependent on the 802.11k text. 3.Staff prepares a publication draft and highlights changes they have made and questions they need addressed or confirmed. This draft is sent to Task Group Editor and the Working Group Technical Editor (me). This typically occurs about 2-3 weeks after approval for publication, since the preparation work is usually (but not always) begun ahead of approval. This is also typically the draft peer reviewed by IEEE staff. 4.The Task Group Editor responds to all questions on domain specific questions, with copy to Working Group editor (me). This typically takes about 3-5 days. 5.The Working Group Technical Editor reviews responses from the Task Group editor, completes any responses, and provides a list of WG officers and voting members valid for the document as of the opening day of the Sponsor ballot. This typically only takes one additional day from the prior step as most of the work is done in parallel by the two editors. 6.Final draft is submitted by the IEEE staff to Working Group Technical Editor and Task Group Editor for sign-off. Any changes from the responses or IEEE peer review are highlighted and explained. This typically takes only one or two days more after the responses are received from the editors. 7.Task Group Editor gives final approval. No changes are expected. This usually occurs within 24 hours. 8.Working Group Technical Editor signs off and provides draft to Working Group Chair. No changes are expected. This usually occurs within 24 hours and in parallel with the previous step. 9.Working Group Chair sends email to sponsor and IEEE staff letting them know the Working Group has signed off on the publication process. September 2008 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 11

12 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Numbering of Annexes and Clauses Proposal: TGMb will fix the ordering of annexes –Ample bad precedent set by 11k –Bibliography should be the final annex per IEEE Standards Style Guide Clause numbering has similar issue during rollup –TGn clause 3a, 11r clause 11a September 2008 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 12

13 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Overlapping Text Issues Extended Capabilities IE conflicts –The point is that having an Extended Capability indication does not necessarily mean the Extended Capability IE is present in beacon frames, etc. Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 13 September 2008

14 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 14 ANA Announcements Current ANA announced to group is 802.11-08-0227r1. –See –All new requests received by end of meeting will be uploaded and announced via 802.11 WG reflector after the editors conference call #1 No requests have been received directly from editors this week and acted on in preparation for publishing next version. Others as may arise before the editors conference call #1 will be included Procedure for ANA is contained in 07/0827r0. –See Editorial Guidance –ANA assignments should be done at the time of moving from WG LB to Sponsor ballot. –If a resource number is not in the ANA Database, please use in drafts! –Editors to replace any ANA controlled resources numbers with upon incorporation of material into drafts. September 2008

15 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 15 Amendment Ordering Amendment NumberTask GroupREVCOM Date 802.11 Amendment 1TGkMay 2008 802.11 Amendment 2TGrMay 2008 802.11 Amendment 3TGySept 2008 802.11 Amendment 4TGwSept 2009 802.11 Amendment 5TGnJune 2009 (was TBA) 802.11 Amendment 6TGzSept 2009 802.11 Amendment 7TGpDec 2009 802.11 Amendment 8 (was 9)TGvMar 2010 802.11 Amendment 9 (was 10)TGuMar 2010 802.11 Amendment 10 (was 8)TGsJuly 2010 (was May 2010) 802.11 Revision802.11mbMar 2011 802.11 Amendment 1TGaaMay 2011 802.11.2TGTDec 2009 (plan to withdraw) Data as of September 10 from 802.11 web. See Amendment numbering is editorial! No need to make ballot comments on these dynamic numbers! Amendment reordering was discussed by editors Sept 9 based on current timeline estimates and resulted announced herein. September 2008

16 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems)Slide 16 Email Your Draft Status Updates Each editor, please send update for next page via the editors reflector no later than Thursday am2 to update table on next page! September 2008

17 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Nancy Cam-Winget (Cisco Systems) Draft Development Snapshot Most current doc shaded green. TGPublished or Draft Baseline Documents SourceMEC Style Guide Editor Snapshot Date 802.11krywnzpvusmbaa k200713.0Frame 7.24/11/072006Joe Kwak19-Mar r200710.09.0Frame 7.14/11/072005Bill Marshall18-Mar y200713.09.011.0Frame 7.27/28/072007Peter Ecclesine 10-Sept w200711. 7.2No2007Nancy Cam- Winget 9-Sept n20072008 7.2No2007Adrian Stephens 8-Sept z200713. Wentink 17-July p200713.09.0 5.04.0-4.012.0Frame 7.2No2007Wayne Fisher 11-Sept v200713. Frame 7.2No2007Emily Qi11-Sept u200713. ---3.01Frame 7.2No2007Necati Canpolat 10-Sept s20072008 7.2No2007Tony Maida8-Sept mb------------No draft yetVacant10-Sept aaNo draft yetHang Liuxx T(1.01)Frame 6No2007Tom Alexander 20 -Mar Changes from last report shown in red. September 2008

18 Submission doc.: IEEE 802.11-08/01125r0 Terry L Cole (AMD)Slide 18 Editorial Streamlining Focus is on consistency across all TGs: –Completed Streamlined ANA processes – 07/0827r0 Consistent format for REDLINE contributions across TGs – 07/0788r0 Consistent process for editorial comment resolution across TGs (WG & Sponsor) – 07/2050r0 –Guideline for technical vs. editorial, sample editorial comment responses Format for comment reporting across TGs (WG & Sponsor) – 07/1990r0 (tool in 07/2116r0) Stable numbering method (See 07/2810r0) Consistent naming of redlines (See 07/2810r0) –Under Construction (in priority order) 1.Revise the editors guideline 2.Draft templates for FRAME (no Word) to help train new editors more rapidly 3.MIB element numbering and compiling 4.Guideline on non-technical front matter 5.Guideline describing expected editorial development and maturity of draft through stages in 802.11 for consistency across TGs 6.Guidelines for primitives September 2008

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