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Anti- bullying week Year 4.

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2 Anti- bullying week Year 4.
Staying safe online, recognising & dealing with with cyber-bullying.

3 Anti-bullying week- What is Cyber-bullying?
Sending cruel texts, s and/or phone calls. Happy slapping, impersonating others, posting pictures online – discussion in grps. It can take place on social networking sites/online places such as: Facebook Bebo Twitter My space Skype X-box live This type of bullying is harder to detect and it may move out of the virtual world into the real world.

4 Did you know? It is illegal for anyone under the age of 13 to have a profile on facebook If your parents set up an account for you, they have the responsibility of supervising you at all times when you use the account – this is to help keep you safe online Anyone can report under 13’s accounts and facebook will delete them.

5 How can we stay safe on the internet?
Remember these 3 simple rules: ZIP IT – keep your personal information private; do not give out your real name, telephone number, or agree to meet anyone you do not know personally. Make sure you set privacy settings on your account – remember to use an avatar not your photo.

6 Zip it Remember that people online may not be who they say they are. Online-only friends are still strangers even if you have been talking to them for a long time.

7 How can we stay safe on the internet?
BLOCK IT – if someone accesses your account you should block them and don’t open links or attachments sent by them. Remember: Cyber-bullying is a growing problem and its effects are just as harmful as actual bullying.

8 How can we stay safe on the internet?
FLAG IT – Tell someone you trust. (Discuss with a partner who you consider a trusted person) Report what has happened to the site controller Print out what has been said so that you have a note of what has been said Never meet up with someone you have met online, they often are not who they say they are. This could put you in DANGER.

9 Cyber-bullying and staying safe online
Remember: The internet is fun, but you need to stay safe online to protect yourself from potential harm. If bullies try to harm you, knowing what to do and who to speak to can put you in control not them. Zip it, block it, flag it!

10 Group activities for recognising types of Cyber-bullying and knowing what to do about it (exemplar).
Case 1 Cassie is 13 years old. She arrives home and turns on her computer. She logs in to Facebook and starts speaking to her friends. Suddenly someone says something horrible to her. Cassie tries to ignore it and carries on talking to her other friends. Then she gets another message. This one says “I’m going to get my big sister on to you. She’s going to get you.” Cassie is your friend. She tells you and wants your advice. In your groups think about what you should do and what your advice to Cassie should be.

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