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Scheduling 2013-2014 An overview. The Program of Studies Your “rule & guide” to scheduling Also found online!

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1 Scheduling 2013-2014 An overview

2 The Program of Studies Your “rule & guide” to scheduling Also found online!

3 Schedule carefully! No changes after June 1 st !

4 SCHEDULE CHANGE POLICY...any requests for schedule changes initiated by students or parents must be accomplished by June 1. After this date no student or parent requested schedule changes will be considered unless there is a critical situation that will be reviewed by the principal on a case by case basis. Failing a class is not an automatic indication of misplacement. Schedules will not be changed for social reasons or for requesting teachers. For these reasons it is strongly recommended that much thought and discussion be given to the student's schedule for next year.

5 There is very little flexibility in our Master Schedule...X # of students, X # of sections, X # per class. No isolated Moves!

6 - The best source of information is your students current teacher!

7 Develop a 4 year plan

8 Basically 2 tracks; college prep or career

9 College prep: 2yr. degree, 2yr transfer to a 4yr., or 4 yr. programs

10 The best career path is through MVCTC!

11 21 credits required to graduate English – 4 credits Mathematics -4 credits, must include 1 unit of Algebra II or the equivalent of Algebra II Science – 3 credits; 1 credit of Life Science, 1 credit of Physical Science, 1 unit of advanced study Social Studies – 3 credits; World Studies, American History, American Government/Economics Fine Arts 1 credit (2 semesters) Health -1/2 credit Information Technology – ½ credit Physical Education – ½ credit (2 semesters) or meet the requirements of Alternative PE Option. Personal Finance – ½ credit (1 semester) Electives – 4 credits

12 Recommended College prep classes 4 credits of college prep English 4 credits of college prep Math 3 credits of college prep Science 3 credits of Social Studies At least 2 units of foreign language (same language) 1 credit Visual or Performing Arts choose from all music classes (band, choir), art classes and drama (Acting Studies I & II, Theatrical Production)

13 The Basics MS8860 High School Band (1 credit) MS8870 Jazz Ensemble (1 credit) MS8670 Concert Choir (1 credit) AT8200 Art I (.5 credit) AT8210 Art II (.5 credit) EN0785 Acting Studies I (.5 credit) EN0825 Acting Studies II (.5 credit) FR1620 French I (1 credit) SP1820 Spanish I (1 credit) HE7510 Life Skills/Career Search (.5 credit) HE7535 Study Skills/Test Prep (.5 credit) HE7545 Foods and Fitness (.5 credit) IA6250 Industrial Technology (.5 credit) IA6315 Home Construction/Maintenance (.5 credit) IA6290 Technical Drafting (.5 credit) BS5810 Information Technology (.5 credit – Graduation Requirement) BS5840 Web Page Design (.5 credit) BS5870 Multimedia (.5 credit) Must enroll in 6 classes 9 th,10 th & 11 th grades For 9 th graders, English, Math, Science, World Studies, PE/Health, plus 1 class and 1 study hall:

14 Alternative Physical Education May meet the requirement of two (2) semesters of P.E. by participating in and completing two (2) seasons of sports, cheerleading or marching band. An injury, illness, suspension or athletic suspension could cause a season to NOT count towards the P.E. requirement. The two (2) season do not to be in the same school year. There is NO PROVISION for being exempt from one semester of P.E. This is a all or nothing option. If a student has not met the requirements by the beginning of their senior year, that student will be placed in the P.E. classes needed for graduation.

15 Does my student need a study hall? Extracurricular involvement? 1 or more “C” grade. Organization skills Time for help/remediation

16 Foreign language 2 credits for college 3 credits for Honors Diploma 4 th year is a weighted grade English skills? Will they need to take a language in college?

17 Credits needed for grade level status Sophomore status: 5 credits during the 9 th grade Junior status: 10 credits during 9 th & 10 th grade years. Senior status: 16 creits during 9 th,10 th & 11 th grade years.

18 Weighted Grades/ valedictorian-salutatorian Weighted classes (see list page 7). Weighted GPA will be calculated by adding 0.025 to the Cumulative Grade Point Average at the successful completion of each semester for each weighted class, (“C” or higher). No cap. Valedictorian(s) and salutatorian(s) will be named at the end of the 3 rd grading period during their senior year. Valedictorian highest weighted cumulative GPA (in case of a tie, all students sharing the rank will be named valedictorian.) Salutatorian is the second highest weighted cumulative GPA (in the case of a tie, all students sharing the rank will be named salutatorian.)


20 Honors Diploma

21 College bound athlete NCAA approved courses Register w/ NCAA at the beginning of the Junior year Must send ACT/SAT scores to the NCAA Eligibility center.

22 Course descriptions Name of Class (Course code) Explanation/description Grade level, length, credits and prerequisite(s)

23 Questions? Level/placement – current teacher Four year plan – H.S. Counselor A-K – Mr. Baumhauer (669-6369) L-Z – Mr. Hottle(669-6367)

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