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Sam Tedcastle Stakeholder Engagement Officer - Scotland Twitter/celticseaspartnership Building.

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1 Sam Tedcastle Stakeholder Engagement Officer - Scotland Twitter/celticseaspartnership Building partnerships across the Celtic Seas

2 Celtic Seas Partnership EU LIFE+ funded project. Four year project: January 2013 to December 2016 WWF-UK lead with University of Liverpool, SeaWeb, NERC-BODC and Dublin Regional Authority Supporting transboundary implementation of EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive in the Celtic Seas through a stakeholder-led approach

3 Who we aim to involve Cross-sectoral representation from across Celtic Seas Scientists carrying out relevant research Government & statutory agency representatives Science Sea-users Government Celtic Seas Partnership

4 Building on existing relationships

5 PISCES: Partnership Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic Sea Ecosystem

6 Recommendations 1.Improving stakeholder participation 2.Encouraging stakeholders to implement their own solutions 3.Greater communication between stakeholders and governments 4.Mechanisms for integrated marine management

7 Celtic Seas

8 Overall objective Demonstrate successful approaches and best practice through multi-stakeholder collaboration to guide practical implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and contribute to Good Environmental Status of the Celtic Seas.

9 1. Engagement and capacity building  Conferences and workshops  Online tutorial  Report on stakeholder implementation  EA guidelines and sectoral action plans 2. Transboundary partnership  Case studies, best practice guidelines on transboundary marine governance. Results areas

10 3.Cross-sectoral good practice  Case studies, best practice guidelines  Dublin Bay plan, co-location and marine renewables 4. Transboundary information resources  Ecosystem services assessment  Future Trends report  Celtic Seas web portal Results areas

11 Working together Development of a transboundary partnership with a role in supporting and facilitating marine policy. Development of a vision, principles and consider management measures drawing on best practice examples. Development and building on relationships for better links between sea users, governments and the scientific community.

12 EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive Good Environmental Status by 2020

13 Timeline Monitoring Programme Develop Programmes of Measures Implement Programmes of Measures Third multi- national workshop Second multi- national workshop First multi- national workshop Country workshops

14 Progress to date

15 Supporting work Review of relevant projects Stakeholder and policy mapping and engagement Review of current policy situation Case studies

16 Project structures Observer Board – Policy leads in each country (France, Republic of Ireland, UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man) – DG Environment – OSPAR Commission Expert Advisory Group – Ecosystem-based management – Stakeholder engagement – Transboundary governance

17 First conference – Oct 2013 69 attendees from government, industry and academia Started to develop measures to feed into MSFD process. Building partnerships & relationships

18 Upcoming activities 6 x country workshops covering measures development, ICZM, Ecosystem Approach guidelines Sectoral workshops/meetings Development of case studies Ongoing engagement and relationship building

19 How can MSF engage? To act as a Reference Group for the Scottish Engagement Process Help to shape Scottish workshops to ensure they compliment existing work in Scotland To support relationship building with Stakeholders and signpost people to the project To help identify case studies and pilot projects To engage in workshops/conferences


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