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George Pierre Seurat Artist of Color and Vision.

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1 George Pierre Seurat Artist of Color and Vision


3 His Life  George Seurat was born on 2 December 1859 in France  France is a beautiful European country

4  His father and mother were very rich  But Seurat lived in a small house near the river with little money  His friend and Uncle showed him how to paint

5  He worked in the army for some time also  He loved to paint and went to art school  But he did not like school so he thought he will learn by himself

6  He made his first painting in Paris and called it  “Bathers at Asnieres”

7  But the painting was rejected  He thought he will make paintings that people will like not museums  He believed that music and painting bring happiness

8 Color Wheel   Seurat believed that you do not have to use all colors to make a painting, you can use basic colors red, yellow, blue and green and make dots next to each other, they will look like all different colors!!

9 Red Yellow Green Color Wheel Blue

10 His style of Art  He thought if he would draw lots of dots with different colors next to each other, it will look very colorful  He called it as “Pointillism” (p-o-i-n- ti-ll-ism!!!)

11 His Arts  What is pointillism?  Instead of drawing With different colors, He made dots with Basic colors red, blue, Green and yellow

12  It means that if you draw different colored dots all over the painting  The person who sees it, will see it as a picture  He liked to paint nature and his paintings were very colorful  He made MODERN ART

13  Since he lived near a park, he loved to draw parks and beaches with lots of orange, blue, green colors.  At the age of 28 he had drawn over 40 paintings  He used to go and sit by the river in the day and work in his art studio in the night

14  His most famous painting is called  “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”- (grhand zhot )!!

15 Most Famous painting  Seurat made this gigantic painting in 2 years!!  It is 6ft, 10 inches by 10 ft, 1 inch!! (approximately 2 X 3 meters)  he painted many green and red dots in a certain way that when you see the painting, the color is seen as yellow, the combination of both colors.

16  This painting shows people having a good time near the river  It is hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago

17  Seurat also loved to go to the circus  So he made paintings of circus

18  He also made paintings of singers

19  And many other things……. ?

20 End of his life  He died very young at the age of 31  He had a son, but both father and son died one week apart due to an infection  His wife was very beautiful and his inspiration

21  Seurat never sold a painting when he was living  His all the 40 paintings were found after him  His paintings are very expensive and kept in all the art places in the world.

22 Your Turn!

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