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The ART of Presenting. How are YOUR Presenting Skills? Go to the website: –

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1 The ART of Presenting

2 How are YOUR Presenting Skills? Go to the website: – Score Interpretation

3 What do YOU think the “ART of Presenting” Is? Watch video of Steve Jobs (amazing presenter) – Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs Choose two OTHER reliable videos of presentation skills, best presenters, etc. Come up with a list of the MOST IMPORTANT things for a successful presentation – Minimum 10

4 Effective Presentation Four Key Elements 1.Understand your audience 2.Prepare your content 3.Deliver confidently 4.Control the environment

5 Understand Your Audience Determine target audience Determine audience expectations Create outline based on needs of audience Stick to GOAL of presentation (meet needs) Keep returning to the goal (theme)

6 Prepare Your Content: 5 Key Presentation Principles 1.Identify few key points – Help audience retain messages with the chunking principle Chunk data into 5-7 key points More memorable 2.Be Brief– Good presentations inspire the audience to learn more 3.Use an outline – Start by telling them what you intend to cover/what to expect Opening Body Closing 4.Start and end strongly –Start and end with a message they won't forget 5.Use examples for support– Lecture is the least interesting! Liven it up!

7 Prepare Your Content: OPENING Try setting a “Theme” Remember - “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” Should not be an introduction of yourself Opening should make an emotional connection with audience HOOK – Design a HOOK

8 The “HOOK” Ask a series of rhetorical questions Make a startling assertion Reference a historical event Use the word “imagine” Add a little show business Arouse curiosity Use quotations differently Take them through a "what if" scenario Tell them a story

9 Prepare Your Content: BODY Three important points Engage audience, don’t tell everything you know Keep outcome in mind Present both sides of an issue

10 Prepare Your Content: CLOSING End on a memorable note Summarize key points Ask for questions Finish a story Refer back to the introduction or “hook” Remind audience of fact or statistic Use a rhetorical question; a positive statement; or a famous quotation. Call for “action”-Challenge your audience to apply what you told them

11 Avoid these CLOSING pitfalls “Thank you” is NOT a memorable ending Don’t end with an apology: “I guess I’ve rambled on long enough.” “I don’t know if I’ve made this clear.” Don’t trail off Don’t introduce a whole new idea in your conclusion K.I.S.S.

12 Deliver Confidently Practice to build confidence Be flexible Welcome statements from the audience Use slides and other visual aids Keep your visuals simple and brief Manage your stress

13 Practice Makes Perfect Rehearsing does not mean memorization Videotape yourself Calm your nerves Stop working on it

14 Control the Environment Practice in the presentation room Do your own setup Test your timing

15 Homework Choose a topic of interest (could be a hobby, current event, or anything you are interested in) Demonstrate TWO different hooks

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