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Presentation What & How.

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1 Presentation What & How

2 Checklist for a Good Presentation
1. Remember your audience 2. Organize the information 3. Use visual aids effectively 4. Body language 5. Deliver messages clearly 6. Prepare well & practice more

3 What makes a Good Presentation?
Audience information Visual aids Design an outline & contents Make sure to have the introduction and ending with impact Arrange logical and coherent points Use clear and simple visuals & create impact Handle visual aids and equipment professionally Provide handouts or power point files Establish clear objectives in the introduction Meet audience expectations Create interest and promote involvement

4 What makes a Good Presentation?
Body language messages preparation Maintain a confident & positive attitude Use eye contact to engage your audience Avoid distracting mannerisms Focus meaning by movement or gestures Use voice effectively: volume, rhythm, pause Adjust complexity & formality of language to the audience Brief notes to assist Practice makes perfect before the presentation

5 How to organize a presentation?
Greeting Introduce self Questions & Responses Presentation organization introduce Topic contents summarize Present main points Conclude

6 The Presenting Process
introduction Greeting My name is… The objective of my presentation today is… Ok. To begin I’d like to look at… Feel free to interrupt to ask questions. I divide the talk into five sections….

7 The Presenting Process
Main Body So, the first part of my presentation is…. So, that’s all I have to say on the first point. Any questions on that? Ok, let’s move on to the second section which I have called…. There are two questions to look at here: firstly….. Ok. That’s everything on part two. I will now move on to next part. Here I would like to highlight two items. As you can see on this chart…. I would suggest…. Let me now return to….. Ok, that’s all I wanted to say on this part.

8 The Presenting Process
Ending Signal end Summarize Conclude Invite questions Handle questions positively closing That brings me to the end of my presentation. To sum up… In conclusion, I would like to say…. Are there any questions? That’s a good question. If there are no more questions, I’ll finish here.

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