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Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

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1 Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
Dr Peter Christian Haringey GP and CCG Governing Body member

2 What is Haringey CCG? Clinical Commissioning Group or CCG
A new NHS organisation, led by Haringey GPs A membership organisation made up of all 52 GP practices in Haringey working together Led by a governing body As well as GPs, there is also a nurse, an A&E doctor and two ‘lay’ members on the CCG’s governing body Haringey CCG has replaced Haringey Primary Care Trust

3 What does the CCG do? The CCG is responsible for planning, paying for and monitoring health services for people who live in Haringey (this is called commissioning) The services that we commission include: Hospital services Community services e.g. district nursing, physiotherapy Mental health services

4 What the CCG doesn’t do GPs, pharmacists, optometrists and dentists (primary care services) are not commissioned by Haringey CCG. These services are commissioned and monitored by a new organisation call NHS England However, the CCG still wants to make sure that primary care services are of the highest quality.

5 How is the CCG different?
Patients in England make 300 million visits to their GP each year and are more likely to see their GP than any other health professional. This means GPs have a really good understanding of what their patients need. GPs, in their CCG role, use this knowledge to help decide what services are commissioned

6 What we want to achieve We want to enable the people of Haringey to live long and healthy lives with access to safe, well co-ordinated high quality services

7 How we will do this We are focusing on the following priorities:
Prevention – helping people to stay well Integrated care – making sure care is joined up between health and social care organisations Urgent care – making sure people are seen in the right place, the first time Care closer to home – making sure people have access to quality services in or near to their home, keeping them well and out of hospital Mental health services and services for people with learning disabilities Services for children and young people

8 Who we work closely with
The Health and Wellbeing Board Local GP practices Haringey Council Public Health Local hospital and mental health trusts Voluntary and community organisations

9 How you can be involved Asking patients what they want and what they think of services is really important to us This information will help us make services better and influence the services that we commission There are many ways that you can be involved and give your views

10 Find out more Visit our website:

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