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Health Summit South Staffordshire District Council

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1 Health Summit South Staffordshire District Council

2 Rita Symons Accountable Officer
South East Staffordshire & Seisdon Peninsula CCG Clinically Led, Quality Driven Rita Symons Accountable Officer

3 The Structure of the NHS
2010 2013 Secretary of State for Health Secretary of State for Health Strategic Health Authority National Commissioning Board Primary Care Trust Clinical Commissioning Groups Hospitals, Mental Health, GPs, Dentists, Community Services e.g. District Nurses Hospitals, Mental Health, Community Services e.g. District Nurses GPs, Dentists. Specialist Services PATIENTS PATIENTS

4 What Doesn’t Change Fundamental NHS Principles – care free at the point of delivery Accountability to local people Treating people with dignity and respect National Framework and planning guidance

5 What is a CCG? CCG = Clinical Commissioning Group
Membership Organisation GP practices are the CCG Established under the Health & Social Care Act 2012 Statutorily operating from April 2013 Authorisation process

6 What is a CCG? Published Constitution
Governing Body – seven core members - GP chair - Accountable Officer - Chief Financial officer - Lead Nurse - Lay Member PPI - Lay Member Governance - Secondary Care Doctor

7 Geography Blue = Staffordshire
Orange = South East Staffs and Seisdon Peninsula CCG

8 Basic Facts 210,000 patients 33 GP practices Two Localities
Budget for 2012/13 - £245m

9 Focus on Quality

10 Clinical Commissioning Group Patient Participation Groups
Model of Engagement PPI Lay Member Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body Patient Council Patient experience District Groups Patient Participation Groups Virtual Groups ‘In touch’ scheme

11 Vulnerable Older People
Inputs into Our Strategy Health and Wellbeing Strategy Enhanced Joint Strategic Needs Analysis CCG Members The Public Resilient Families Alcohol Assets Local Needs Vulnerable Older People System Change

12 Priorities Frail Elderly Long Term Conditions Quality Improving Health
ENABLERS : Getting the Basics Right Partnership Working


14 Making a Difference Meet Pat


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