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Energy Resources and Fossil Fuels

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1 Energy Resources and Fossil Fuels
Nonrenewable Energy Energy Resources and Fossil Fuels

2 Fuels for Different Purposes
Fossil fuels- Remains of ancient organisms that changed into coal, oil, or natural gas. Four main purposes: Transportation Manufacturing Heating and cooling Generating electricity Two main problems: Limited supply Environmental consequences

3 Electricity- Power on Demand
Convenient Transports quickly across great distances Disadvantages: Difficult to store Must generate from other energy sources Electric generator- Converts mechanical energy (motion) into electrical energy. Turbine- Wheel that changes the force of a moving gas or liquid into energy that can do the work.

4 Coal-Fired Power Plant

5 Energy Use Dramatic differences in fuel use and efficiency throughout the world U.S. uses more energy per person than any other countries in the world except Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

6 Energy Use #1 use in United States- Industrial use
#2 use in U.S.-Transportation Japan and Switzerland- Extensive rail systems Hydroelectric and nuclear power

7 Energy-rich molecules in porous rock formations
Fossil Fuel Deposits Oil and Natural Gas Formation- Decay of tiny marine organisms causes heat Sediment cover causes pressure Energy-rich molecules in porous rock formations Coal Formation- Decay of swamp plants Oceans rose and covered with sediment Heat and pressure caused coal to form

8 Fossil Fuel Deposits of United States

9 Energy Production by Source

10 Coal Most of world’s fossil fuel reserves
Asia and North America- rich in coal Disadvantages: Top-mining coal damages surface Toxic waste Air pollution- Sulfur dioxide produces acid rain Advantages: Relatively inexpensive Needs little refining after it’s mined

11 Electricity Generation in the United States

12 Petroleum Pumped from the ground, a.k.a. crude oil.
Petroleum products- anything made from crude oil 45% of world’s commercial energy use Trapped in folds, faults, and salt domes which; bound by impermeable layers of rock

13 Environmental Effects
Oil spills Leaking vehicles Release of pollutants when burned Carbon dioxide- Global warming Sulfur dioxide- Acid rain Smog

14 Natural Gas 20 % of world’s nonrenewable energy Methane, CH4
Fewer pollutants when burned Can be used to generate electricity

15 Fossil Fuels and the Future
90 % of energy used in developed countries Demand to double by 2050 Costs will likely increase Oil reserves- Oil deposits that can be extracted profitably at current prices using current technology. Cost of obtaining influences extraction More under ocean Difficult to drill Expensive

16 Oil Production

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