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Changing Population Trends

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1 Changing Population Trends
The Human Population Changing Population Trends

2 Infrastructure The basic facilities and services that support a community Public water Sewer lines Power plants Roads Subways Schools Hospitals Overwhelming population growth uses resources at an increased rate Overwhelms the infrastructure of a community

3 Problems of Rapid Growth
Shortage of fuel wood- Poorest countries primary fuel source Use for cooking, boiling water, heat Growing populations must cut down trees Loss of vegetation Reduced availability each year

4 Problems of Rapid Growth
Impacts on land Shortage of arable land- Used for growing crops Urbanization- People moving to cities instead of rural areas Unsafe water Places that lack infrastructure Used for drinking, washing and sewage disposal Spread diseases

5 Demographic Diversity
More developed or less developed Not all countries are progressing through demographic transition stages Least developed countries Increasing death rates with high birth rates

6 Managing Development and Population Growth
Public advertising Family planning programs Economic incentives Legal punishments U.N.’s International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)

7 Managing Development and Population Growth

8 Growth is Slowing

9 Philippine Family

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