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Abraham Lincoln By Benjamin Wong.

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1 Abraham Lincoln By Benjamin Wong

2 Abe’s Childhood and Family
He was born February 12,1809 in Kentucky. He lived in a log cabin. Abe loved to read. He moved to Indiana when he was 7. His mother got sick and died. Abe’s father got married after Abe’s mom died Abraham helps his dad chop wood.

3 Abraham’s Log Cabin

4 Wife and Kids Abe fell in love with Mary Todd then they got married.
He had four children and their names were Thomas, Robert, William and Edward. They were born in 1842.

5 Accomplishments Abe became the 16th president of the United States
Abe freed the slaves He won the Civil War.

6 Death After the Civil War Abe was watching a play.
John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Abe while he was watching the play.

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