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With Overdrive. What you will need: Valid email address Library Card (or #) Device (connected to internet) Amazon/Nook Log-In Info Adobe Open Editions.

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1 With Overdrive

2 What you will need: Valid email address Library Card (or #) Device (connected to internet) Amazon/Nook Log-In Info Adobe Open Editions (Nook/Kobo) Laptop to make account

3 Account Setup:

4 Account Setup:

5 Check the email website you used to make an account for this email: Click the link to verify your account.

6 Account Setup: Under account settings, there are options for favorite genres and search features:

7 Account Setup: We will now add the Schoharie Library to our account. Don’t forget to save it! Once we click on MVLS we will be redirected…

8 Account Setup: … to the MVLS eContent Collection, where you will need to sign in again.

9 Now it’s time to pick out a book!

10 And then borrow it!

11 For Kindle: Download for mobi For Nook and Kobo: Adobe epub Confirm and you will be redirected…

12 For Kindle devices… Your browser will bring you to Amazon. You will be asked to sign in to your Amazon account – you must have an e-reader device linked to your account.

13 Once your device is connected to the internet, your e-book will begin to download. Alternately, there is the option to download via USB. If you have the Kindle app for any smartphone or iDevice, you can also read your selected title there.

14 To return your book using Amazon: Log-in to your Amazon account: The first dropdown will contain “Manage Your Content and Devices.”

15 To return your book using Amazon: Here you can see information about your loan, such as the return date, the ability to read online, or re-download.

16 After confirming your return, Amazon will let you know that you have successfully returned your digital loan. Returning your e-book before the due date allows others to get the book even earlier!

17 To download using Nook or Kobo readers... You must first download Adobe Digital Edition.Adobe Digital Edition After download, you will be prompted to make an account and authorize your computer. You must make an account to read ebooks on your devices. After signing in, select ‘Authorize’ so your computer will be set up to transfer ebooks. Don’t forget to plug in your device via USB cord.

18 Return to the Bookshelf page Select ‘Download’ and choose Adobe EPUB ebook Confirm and download.

19 A file popup will open with Adobe Digital Editions automatically selected. Click ‘Open with’ and ADE will load the ebook onto the program.

20 On your connected device, select ‘Connect’ The device will then appear in the sidebar of ADE…

21 Now you simply click and hold the book you want to add to your device and drag it to the device! It will then be added to your Nook or Kobo automatically for reading!

22 To return the book, simply return to Adobe Digital Edition and right click on the book you want to return. Select ‘Return Borrowed Item’ and ‘Return’ on the pop-up prompt to successfully return your e-book!

23 To download your e-books using smartphones and tablets (or iPads)… Create an Overdrive account with the steps already shown Download the Overdrive app for your device.for your device. Download the Kindle app (for iOS products) (for Android) (for Windows)for iOS productsfor Android(for Windows Sign in to both applications

24 Open the Overdrive app. Swipe from the right to bring up the Overdrive menu options. Select the MVLS option under ‘My Libraries.’

25 Search and find a book you like. Then tap it once. And then again to tap borrow. You can also tap sample to get an idea of the book, too! Hitting more will allow you to read the book synopsis and other details.

26 Tapping ‘borrow’ will bring you to the bookshelf. You can select ‘Read’ to open the book in your browser. Hitting ‘download’ will bring you to Amazon to download the e-book like shown earlier.

27 Depending on your settings, you may be asked to select a device you would like your book delivered to. Select your iPad or smartphone and tap continue.

28 Close out of the Overdrive app and open up your Kindle app. Sign in if you haven’t already. Upon the ‘Syncing…’ screen, tap ‘Device’ on the bottom. You should see your book downloading. As soon as it is done, tap it to start reading!

29 When you are done reading, don’t forget to return to Amazon and return the book using the steps covered earlier!

30 For other devices and more help, you can visit the Overdrive FAQ section! Overdrive FAQ section! Select your device for helpful tips and video tutorials! 11/1/14

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