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Attributes A quality that is characteristic of someone or something.

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1 Attributes A quality that is characteristic of someone or something.

2 Congruent – figures that have exactly the same size and same shape

3 Plane Figure – Any two-dimensional figure

4 Lines parallel lines Lines in a plane that never intersect Example: Linesplane perpendicular lines Two lines that intersect to form four right angles Example:linesintersectright angles

5 Ray A part of a line, with one endpoint, that continues without end in one direction Example: line ray CD

6 Angles angle A figure formed by two rays that have a common endpointrays Acute angle An angle that has a measure less than a right angle (less than 90°) Example: angleright angle obtuse angle An angle whose measure is greater than 90° and less than 180° Example: angle

7 Polygon – a closed plane figure with straight sides

8 Quadrilateral – a four sided polygon

9 Trapezoid – a quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel sides

10 Parallelogram – any four sided polygon with two pairs of parallel lines

11 Solid figure – A figure with 3 dimensions; not flat

12 Three Dimensional – having length, width, height, and volume

13 Horizontal– the direction from left to right Vertical – The direction from top to bottom

14 Edge – A place where two or more sides meet on a geometric solid Edge

15 Face – A flat side on a geometric solid Face

16 Vertex – a corner; a place where three or more sides meet in a geometric solid

17 Cube – A solid figure with six congruent square faces

18 Prism – A 3-dimensional figure that has two congruent and parallel faces that are polygons. The rest of the faces are parallelograms rectangular prism Hexagonal prism

19 Rectangular Prism – A solid figure in which all six faces are rectangles

20 Pyramid – a polyhedron whose base is a polygon whose other faces are triangles that share a common vertex

21 Square Pyramid square pyramid A pyramid with a square base and four triangular faces Example: pyramid squarebasetriangularfaces

22 Sphere – any round object whose curved surface is the same distance to the center as all of its points

23 Cylinder A solid figure with two circular bases that are parallel and congruent –

24 Cone – a solid figure with one curved surface, one circular base, and one vertex Vertex Circular Base

25 Base – A special face of a solid figure BaseThe base of a cone is a circle.

26 Side – any of the line segments that form a polygon Side

27 Square – A plane figure with four sides that are the same length and four right angles

28 Rectangle A parallelogram with four right angles

29 Triangle – A plane figure with three straight sides

30 Pentagon – a five-sided polygon

31 Hexagon– a six sided polygon 1 2 3 4 5 6

32 Octagon – An eight- sided polygon STOP

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