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Characteristics of 3-D Shapes

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1 Characteristics of 3-D Shapes
Developed by Ivan Seneviratne

2 Cube A cube is a solid figure with three equal dimensions of length, width and height. It has six square faces. This shape has eight vertices. It also has twelve edges. edges vertex

3 Cuboid A cuboid is a solid figure with 6 faces which are all rectangles. It has six rectangular faces. This shape has eight vertices. It also has twelve edges. edges vertex

4 Prisms A prism has two ends that are exactly the same size and shape and they are parallel to each other. The bases can be any shape and the name of the prism is based on the name of the bases.

5 Prism Triangular Prism... has 5 faces, three faces are rectangular,
two faces are triangular, has 9 edges and 6 vertices. height base

6 Cylinder A cylinder is a prism in which the bases are circles.
This shape have 2 circular faces. Each has a curved surface. It has no vertices. It has 2 edges. radius height base

7 Pyramids The sides of a pyramid are always triangles. They meet in a point at the top. This is called the apex. The base is a polygon, it can be any 2D shape.

8 Pyramid A square based pyramid... has five faces,
has four triangular faces, has an apex has 8 edges and 4 vertices. apex base

9 Cone A cone is like a pyramid but with a circular base instead of a polygonal base. has a curved surface has a circuar flat surface has an apex has two slanted edges has a radius and diameter h r

10 Sphere Sphere is the mathematical word for “ball.” It is the set of all points in space a fixed distance from a given point called the center of the sphere. r

11 This presentation is developed by Ivan Seneviratne © 2006 purely for personal use.

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