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A guide to Business Pro £29.99 a month Course Management FOFATO Course Booker works in conjunction with

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1 A guide to Business Pro £29.99 a month Course Management FOFATO Course Booker works in conjunction with 1

2 Subscribe to Course management Click Subscriptions 2

3 Selecting your subscription Click on the sign up button 3

4 Payment details 1. Select payment plan 2. Enter promo code if you have one 3.Pay by PayPal 3. Direct debit payment coming soon 4.Click the check box to agree with Terms and Conditions 5. Click Buy Now to complete payment 4

5 What do you get? HSE approval There should be an efficient administrative system for recording, storing and retrieving training information. This information should be retained for a minimum of five years Course dates including the names of trainers and assessors used; Names and details of students, including assessment information; Requalification dates of students 5 Page 12-13 shows you how the site allows you to view all logged details about students and the outcome of their assessments Page 14 Shows the provider the dates for their chosen course and which assessors and trainers were used Course management provides a system to store and manage the HSE criteria to be a First Aid At Work approved organisation, including portfolio management for trainers and assessors. It also gives you complete control over your booking process. STN has been designed around the guide lines HSE sets out. We aim to provide our users with a quality system, allowing them to keep a permanent record or their administrative system

6 Add a course If you are yet to add a course click Add course button. Follow the directions on this link: Move to next slide if you have already added courses! 6

7 Book 1. Click book to book a place or places on a course 7

8 Book places Click here to book for an individual Or here if you an booking for more than one person or an organisation. Something that you will remember that booking by. For example: B+Q or Joe Bloggs 8

9 Input all individuals details 1. Input all the individuals details, this is important as all documentation will be sent to this person. Click here if they are an existing users or 2. Click finish to complete details 9

10 Or add company booking details 1. Input all company or booking parties details. This is important as all documentation will be sent to these details. 2. Click save 10

11 Select and book for option 2 1. Click drop down to select created company or booking party Click book to carry on with booking process 11

12 View booking details Student details of those now booked on the course Documentation which has been sent out to each student. If you need to cancel the booking then click this button Warning: Do not click this button unless you have received payment Payment’s should be taken through your normal payment procedure 12

13 View bookings By clicking on the bookings tab you can view each of the bookings you have made. Click view details will show you all of the documentation created for the booking. Additional features also allow you to confirm payment or cancel the booking. If a course is either cancelled or moved to a new venue or date you will need to create a new course and move bookings. This button allows you to move any bookings across to the new course created. All the details within the box outline the bookings which have been taken. Who has booked, if they are an organisation or individual and whether they have paid or not 13

14 View trainer and assessor details 14 1.To view which trainers and assessors you have assigned to the course Click on ‘assign trainers & assessors’ button. Here you can both invite and assign trainers joined to your network You can see logged next to each date, the number of trainers and assessors you have entered for this course.

15 Log course outcomes Click on ‘Outcomes’ To log all student outcomes into the system. Click save to log information. If you do not do this all the information will be lost 15

16 Store company data There are several ways of logging company data. On the next few pages I will go through the steps you need to take. The HSE ask that you store information about each course for 5 years Our system is a perfect way to log this data, in order to keep a permanent record of what documents were sent where 1.Click on the Documents tab to start uploading documents 2. Click browse to upload any documents needed for the course you have selected within the details tab. 3. Click on ‘add documents’ To add to the box above 4. To assign a document to either a trainer or assessor you will need to highlight the document in the box. Next click on ‘Assign to person’ you can then select who you would like to send the document to and then click ‘assign’ 5. Once you have finished uploading all documents and assigning them you must finish by clicking SAVE 15

17 Securely store company data By clicking on the documents button you can upload all documents related to the selected course type. 17

18 Upload company data Staff templates allows you to upload documents related to the particular course type. These are copied to the course when it is created Student documents allows you to upload any information you would like to give the student. For example: reading material, promotional data, anything you would normally send to a student before the course. Purchaser documents are the same as student documents but only viewable by the person purchasing the course. 1.Click browse to upload documents 2. Click upload Click ‘saves changes’ if not clicked all documents uploaded will not be saved! 18

19 Store venue data By clicking on the documents button you can upload all documents related to the selected venue. 19

20 Upload venue data 1. Click browse to start uploading venue documents For example: A map and instructions of how to reach you. 2. Click upload 20

21 Send bulk emails to your workforce 1. Click ‘Network’ 3. Click on ‘email’ this will allow you to send a bulk email message to all your networked trainers or assessors. 2. Select from the drop down which group you’d like to send an email to View of the email box 21

22 Create a customised URL 2. Click ‘Customise Id’ This will allow you to create your own customised URL and Sms code. 1. Click on ‘Organisation details’ 22

23 Input Custom ID 1. In the text box, input your chosen ID 2. Click save 23

24 View company URL The public will now be able to see your custom URL in the address bar when viewing your company profile. To see what they will see. Go to your organisation page, and click ‘view profile’ 24

25 View your customised Sms code 1. Click on ‘subscriptions’ 2. You will now see that any Sms messages you send will include your customised ID If at anytime you want to cancel your Subscription. Come to this page and click the cancel button 25

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