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1 1 User Manual Purchase and Order Tracking on the SKF Giftzone.

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1 1 1 User Manual Purchase and Order Tracking on the SKF Giftzone

2 22 Login SKF Giftzone Please visit You will be asked to login first to enter the site. (You are pre-registered on the SKF Giftzone site.) To login, please enter your official SKF email ID in “User Id” input box and enter your password in “Password” input box. Then click on the “Sign In” button. Please note if you are logging in for the first time on this site then your password is your SKF Global ID. E.g. If your SKF Global ID is 1234 then your password is 1234. You can change your password after your first login from the “My Account” Section. 2

3 33 You will see the below prompt after you login. If you are buying on behalf of company and making payments through Cost Code, then choose the “For Company” radio button and click on “Submit” to proceed. And if you want to buy for yourself and to make payment online via debit/credit card or net-banking then please choose the “For Myself” radio button and click on “Submit” to proceed. 3

4 44 Change your password If you login for the first time to the SKF Giftzone site, we request you to change your password. Please select “My Account” link from the top navigation section of the home page. Then select “Change Password” from “My Profile” section. 4

5 55 Please follow the below rules for generating your own password: 1. Password should be Alpha Numeric. 2. At least one capital letter and one special character in your password. Please do not use “&” i.e. ampersand in your password. 3. Minimum password length is 8 characters. You can change your password and then click on the “Save” button. 5

6 66 Purchase on behalf of Company (Using Cost Code as Payment Option) Visit the home page 6

7 77 Select a category or perform a search query You will see a list of products in that category or as per the search keyword 7

8 88 Click on the product image or product name for which you would like to get additional information. 8

9 99 Enter the Quantity you would like to purchase and click on ‘Add to Cart’. The product will appear in your mini shopping cart on the right side of the screen. If this is the only product you would like to Buy, click on Checkout. If you would like to browse for more products go back to the Category page or the Home page to view additional products. 9

10 10 Once your shopping Cart contains all the products you are interested in, Click on Checkout. If you would like to remove or modify your cart, Clink on Manage Cart, make the changes and then Checkout with the revised Shopping Cart. You will need to enter the Shipping and Billing address and then click on Submit button. This address takes it data from the Registration form but can be modified if required by the customer. 10

11 11 Click on Submit button of Shipping Option section. It will show applicable shipping charges in your mini-cart. Provide Order Instructions if any. Then select the Payment Option for payment. Please accept Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer by clicking on check boxes provided. Click on Pay Now to complete your transaction. 11

12 12 An email confirming your transaction with the purchase details and Order Id will be sent to your registered email ID. This email confirms that your order has been placed and it is sent for approval to concern authority assigned in Cost Code. The sample order confirmation email draft is given below. 12

13 13 Track Orders on the SKF Giftzone Login, go to home page and click on the ‘Track Order’ tab on the horizontal tab. Enter your order number which you received in the order confirmation email. On “Submit” you will get the status of your order. 13

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